Prioritizing Transportation Availability 

  • With the guiding lens of prioritizing our youngest and highest-needs learners, the following list outlines the types of students and schools who will continue to receive transportation while current COVID-19 social-distancing guidelines remain in place:

    • Students legally entitled to transportation, such as those in special education or students experiencing homelessness.
    • Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI) and ELA Zone schools for TNLI zone and ELA students.
    • Intensive Tier elementary schools for all boundary students outside the walk zone
    • Elementary schools at or above 70% free or reduced lunch for all boundary students outside the walk zone.

Bell Schedule

  • All elementary schools will be on a 6.5 hour in person day. Elementary schools will start at one of three drop off tiers - 7:30am, 8:15am, or 9am and will have a pick-up 6.5 hours later. Elementary bell times will be available beginning Aug. 4 in the Leader Weekly and here on this site. 

    Secondary schools have the opportunity to shorten their school day by 45 minutes but need to do so in partnership with Transportation. Secondary requests for shortened school days will be confirmed by mid-August.

Plus Pass

  • To facilitate contact tracing, +Pass (i.e., bus ID card) usage will be required for eligible students. This will help us perform contact tracing should a student or driver test positive for COVID-19. +Passes will be delivered to your student’s school for distribution at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

    • Students must scan their +Pass when boarding and exiting the bus.
    • If a student loses their +Pass, they can ride the bus in the morning and afternoon for three days. The driver will deliver a replacement +Pass to the student as soon as it’s ready, no longer than three days. On the fourth afternoon without a pass a parent will have to pick up the student from school. 
    • Families will be notified that their student didn’t have their +Pass.
    • Replacements can be ordered by parents/students through the school or Transportation Services if it should be lost. 
    • The +Pass will help us monitor ridership. Should any student miss their bus or get off on the wrong stop, we will be able to look them up and see which bus they last rode. 
    • The +Pass will help us use our resources efficiently, only routing for students who actually use their transportation eligibility. This will save time and money.


  • Please contact your manager, principal or operational superintendent with questions.