Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Overview

  • Family and Community Engagement supports and services will continue to be provided virtually. Family and student engagement with schools is required per School Board Policy, Code KB and KB-R and FACE can help support engagement efforts. We also have many services relevant to the beginning of next school year including virtual in-home support for families, basic needs assistance, and much more.

Resources and Supports

  • Family Constituency Services

    Provides high quality services to staff, families, and community members who need assistance accessing school and district resources, addressing pressing concerns, and building skills to be strong advocates and partners in their students’ education. Supports include training for managing conflict, high quality service and de-escalation, and effective communication as well as support with conflict mediation, meeting facilitation, and one-on-one coaching on conflict management. The team has Spanish-speaking staff and access to multilingual interpretation services. Call the Family and Community Helpline at 720-423-3054 or

  • Family Empowerment Team

    Parent Teacher Home Visit

    The PTHV program will be shifting to online “home” visits in response to the Covid -19 health crisis. Contact the PTHV team for any questions -

    Volunteer Services

    The program is opening up virtual options and an engagement tool to guide you in how to have continued volunteer engagement through SY2020-21. Contact volunteer services for support at

  • Family & Youth Services

    FACE Centers

    FACE Center services will resume in August and will continue to provide virtual services until further notice. For more information on class schedule and to register for virtual classes and services, please contact:

    • FACE Center - Johnson Elementary School, 1850 South Irving St. , Phone: 720-424-2970
    • FACE Center – John H. Amesse Elementary School , 5440 Scranton St., Phone: 720-424-2961

    FACE Family Connect

    The FACE Family Connect Program provides free community and in-home support to families on a voluntary basis. Services will resume in August and will be delivered virtually as much as possible.

  • Community Engagement Strategy Advocacy (CESA

    The Community Engagement Strategy and Advocacy (CESA) team creates culturally relevant, transparent and authentic engagement strategies through consultation, strategic planning and advocacy across the district. Services will continue to be available in a virtual capacity for the time being. For more information, please contact the Senior Manager of the CESA team, Eloy Castro at

  • Multicultural Outreach (MCO)

    With a focus on Multicultural communities, MCO provides multimedia options and solutions to support learning, information distribution, immigrant communities, whole child and grass root community engagement. Multicultural Outreach has a technology aspect to their team and resources.