Human Resources Overview

  • The guidance that we’ve received from health experts emphasizes that the highest risk of infection comes from other adults rather than from children. With that in mind, we have developed a return plan that brings our educators back to their buildings to support their students while minimizing their adult-to-adult contacts. Accordingly, this means that we will have a differentiated approach for what it means for our staff members to return to work based on their job duties.

  • Complete your daily COVID-19 Health Screen

    Follow this link to information for your daily COVID-19 Health Screen. 

  • Staffing Guidance

    Staffing guidance for Quarter 2 will be shared through Regional Teams the week of 8/24. Please reach out to your RIS/RAIS for more information.

  • Remote Work Guidance

    Denver Public Schools supports the use of appropriate flexible and alternative work options for employees. The District retains the discretion and obligation to determine position suitability and employee eligibility for remote work subject to business related, operational needs. There are two types of remote work arrangements:

    1. Routine remote work which is part of an ongoing, regular schedule; and 
    2. Situational or ad hoc remote work that is approved on a case-by-case basis.  (In these situations, no signed agreement is required.  However, the expectations below would apply.

    Remote Work Process

    An employee with satisfactory or effective performance evaluation who desires a remote work arrangement can submit a written request to their supervisor.

    Once a request is received, the supervisor, in consultation with human resources, has discretion to determine position suitability and employee eligibility for remote work - subject to business-related, operational needs. Remote work must not diminish employee performance, negatively impact District operations nor adversely affect the duties and responsibilities of co-workers. Approval of the remote work arrangement is entirely at the discretion of the supervisor. 

    If approved, a remote work agreement specifying the terms and conditions of remote work must be signed by the employee and the employee’s supervisor. A copy of the remote work agreement can be found here

    Additional guidnce can be found in the employment manual.