• 20-21 Attendance Guidance and Definitions

    For the 20-21 school year, we are preparing to normalize our expectations regarding attendance as our systems become more consistent across the District. Keeping equity at the forefront, the 20-21 guidance will both simplify and standardize the definition of attendance so that it looks and feels more like it did before Spring, 2020, and will incorporate a tight, consistent definition of attendance for students in remote-only learning. Review the Attendance Guidance and Definition here

  • 20-21 ECE-12 Grading Policy

    We made modifications to the grading policy for K-12 students to ensure students received equitable access to feedback and grades during remote learning in Spring 2020. Keeping equity at the forefront, the 20-21 guidance will both simplify grading policy, so that it looks and feels more like it did before Spring 2020. In order to reflect our new (and likely evolving) context throughout the year, the guidance reflects the need to have flexible grading practices that allow for continuity and ensure equitable feedback on learning in all learning scenarios. Review the ECE-12 Grading Policy here

  • DPS Seal of Biliteracy

    The process for the DPS Seal of Biliteracy will remain the same as prior years. We will update the Commons page with any adjustments if needed.

    Seal of Biliteracy 

  • ISA Teams

    Because it is essential that Multilingual Learners continue to receive the MLE services they need during the pandemic, processes and requirements are the same for ISA Forms across scenarios. All schools should have an ISA Team with at least one administrator and two ELA teachers; one team member must be designated as the MTSS Point of Contact. Please the read monthly ISA Newsletters for information and updates related to ISA Forms. See 2020-2021 Important ISA Dates for a timeline of due dates for ISA Forms. 

    ISA Team Resources 

  • Live Streaming Instructional Guidance

    When it is not possible to match virtual students with virtual teachers and in-person students with in-person teachers, live streaming instruction may meet the demands of both in-person and virtual student groups. In this model, a mixture of in-person and virtual students receive instruction from an in-person teacher. Review the Live Streaming Instructional Guidance here

  • MLE PACs

    All Program Schools must have a PAC and ensure that families of Multilingual Learners are informed of all essential school information in a language that they understand. Until further notice, all PAC and DAC meetings will be held virtually. Schools should continue to provide interpretation and translation services to allow families to participate fully in these meetings. Contact Hope Flores for additional information.

    2020-2021 ELA PAC Toolkit 

  • MLE Partners

    To support our ability to move fluidly across in-person, remote and hybrid learning environments, Multilingual Education (MLE) guidance has been developed to be applicable across all three potential scenarios with minimal change to cohorts and teaching assignments. Below you will find continually updated guidance, suggestions and requirements. Please work with your Partner to ensure successful implementation of ELA Program components.

    20-21 MLE Partner by Region 

  • MLE Teacher Qualification

    All Teacher Qualification courses will remain fully online until further notice, regardless of the scenario, to minimize adult contact.

    MLE Teacher Qualification Training Program

  • Translation and Interpretation

    All essential school information must be translated for families and interpretation must be provided for all meetings. 

    20-21 Translation Interpretation Guidance 

  • Utilizing Senior/Team Lead Time and Talent

    We know teacher and leader roles and structures look different in 2020-21 to account for fluidity across contexts and to meet health standards and protocols. For the 20-21 school year only, a person will not lose their Senior / Team Lead role and stipend, and school budget will not be reduced, because release time for a person’s Senior / Team Lead responsibilities is reduced or eliminated for all or part of the school year due to changing business needs, including in order to provide direct instruction to students. See here for 20-21 policy and the required process for making shifts to Senior / Team Lead responsibilities.

    20-21 Policy for Use of TLC Roles


  • Please contact your manager, principal or operational superintendent with questions.

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