Assessment Strategy for 2020-21 School Year


    State assessments  

  • Placement of Provisional MLLs

    All students who indicate a language other than English on their Home Language Questionnaire must be placed provisionally into MLE services, including daily ELD instruction until they are officially identified by the ISA team.

    ELA Programming & Instructional Guidance for Fluidity Across In-Person and Remote Learning Settings

  • WiDA Screener/Remote Learner Screener

    The school closure and health-related requirements of social distancing impede staff from conducting in-person screening for English proficiency as required by state educational agencies and the protocols of specific assessment instruments. Due to the inability of assessing students online with the WIDA Screener or WAPT, we will be using the Remote-Learner Screener created by the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) to support ISA Teams in identifying students who are in a Remote or Virtual Learning environment.

    ELA Programming & Instructional Guidance for Fluidity Across In-Person and Remote Learning Settings 

  •  Latest Updates

    • As of July 2020, CDE is requiring all state assessments with modifications to administration methods. This will be updated as CDE releases The 2021 CMAS testing window opens March 22. Currently, schools are expected to assess all students in grades 3-8 and 11, including in-person and virtual program students unless the student has been opted-out by parent/guardian. There is no remote version of CMAS, so all testing must be conducted in person. Planning guidance, including family communication, operational considerations for asynchronous testing days, opt-out information, and cohorting guidelines can be found here. For additional questions and support, please email MacKenzie Lane.

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  • Please contact your manager, principal or operational superintendent with questions.

Key Resources


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