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    The Teacher and Leader Learning team provides supports for each stage of educator and leader progression; align our talent development strategy with teaching and learning strategies to emphasize development of our values-based leaders and teachers as content experts grounded in best first instruction, culturally responsive education.

    New Educators: new teachers and educators for the upcoming school year as they transition into DPS.

    Teacher Pathways & Development: preservice and early career teachers preparation.

    Leadership Pathways & Development:Teacher Leadership & Collaboration, ILT Development Resources, School Leader Programs (Ritchie, Learn to Lead, Aspiring Teacher Leaders of Color, New Principal & Assistant Principal Onboarding, Denver Lead Today).

    Professional Learning: district-wide support to school-based and central office teams.

    Teacher and Leader Learning

  • Para to Teacher Pathway

    A top priority of the District is to build diverse teacher pipelines of candidates who are prepared to enter DPS classrooms equipped to design and deliver rigorous, culturally responsive instruction in antiracist classroom communities. We have many paras in the district who are well-positioned to become teachers in the future. If you know of a paraprofessional who has the potential to become a strong teacher in DPS, please share with them this communication and the Becoming a Teacher in Denver Public Schools: Para-to-Teacher Pathway informational deck to learn more.

  • Professional Learning & Professional Development Units

    All district-wide professional learning will remain virtual until different guidance is given. Professional learning will focus on the district’s identified crisis priorities and the district’s academic priorities. - PDUs now available for registration can be found here.

  • Utilizing Educator Time and Talent

    We know teacher and leader roles and structures will look different in 2020-21 to account for fluidity across contexts and to meet health standards and protocols. 

    For the 20-21 school year only, a person will not lose their Senior / Team Lead role and stipend, and school budget will not be reduced, because release time for a person’s Senior / Team Lead responsibilities is reduced or eliminated for all or part of the school year due to changing business needs, including in order to provide direct instruction to students. See here for 20-21 policy and the required process for making shifts to Senior / Team Lead responsibilities.

    In planning, take into consideration:

    • Observation & Feedback: Currently, there are no LEAP waivers, so schools will need to plan for observation and feedback supports and structures. The Growth & Performance Team is working closely with stakeholders as well as with CDE and the Governor's Office regarding educator evaluation (including Professional Practice and Student Growth) for the 20-21 school year. At this time, no adjustments or waivers have been made. We will keep you informed about any adjustments or waivers.
    • Maintain Components of S/TL Role When Possible: Teacher support, collaborative planning, and ILT collaboration and support structures are all important to maintaining continuity of experience within and across grade levels in order to successfully accelerate unfinished teaching, and to ensuring strategic implementation of schoolwide priorities and plans. It is strongly recommended that Senior / Team Leads who teach full-time due to extraordinary circumstances in the 20-21 school year continue to serve the components of the Senior / Team Lead role description that they are able to, including serving on the ILT and supporting critical collaborative team structures such as backwards planning, DDI and professional learning.
    • Plan for Flexibility Across Scenarios: Observation, feedback and direct 1:1 teacher support is critical to developing teachers in their delivery of rigorous and equitable instruction, as well as fostering connectivity and community.  As circumstances shift throughout the year across scenarios, school leaders are strongly encouraged to re-prioritize non-teaching time for Senior / Team Leads to support 1:1 teacher development and growth as much as possible.  For example, a Senior / Team Lead may need to deliver full-time instruction in the in-person environment in order to meet health standards and protocols; however, a shift to a remote learning environment may afford more opportunities for that Senior / Team Lead to observe, coach, share feedback, and provide other 1:1 supports to teachers on their team.

    Supports for Novice Teachers: In particular, consider novice teachers in your building and prioritize coaching and collaborative structures to support novice teachers.

  • Utilizing Preservice Teacher Time and Talent

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the preservice teacher experience has looked different than in past years. We appreciate the critical investment schools continue to make in developing the next cohort of DPS teachers in these unprecedented times. These recommendations have been developed to guide preservice teachers, mentor teachers and school site administration meet current health and safety standards.

    PST Guidance for SY 20-21


  • Please contact your manager, principal or operational superintendent with questions.

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