Meet Our Team

  • Compensation team working on a puzzle

    Compensation team 

    The Compensation team in the Human Resources department is responsible for developing and maintaining salary structures, conducting job analyses, maintaining salary benchmark data, and design and administration of incentive programs. The Compensation team collaborates with managers to help them make appropriate decisions by providing information and advice on pay levels, policies and practices, and provides expert guidance, perspective and support to managers. The Compensation team approves all compensation decisions to ensure equity across the organization and efficient use of DPS taxpayer funding.

    HR partners

    The HR Partners in the Human Resources department are responsible for providing strategic advice and support to managers. HR Partners work with managers to provide consultation on a broad range of Human Resources topics including staffing, compensation, performance management, training, employee relations and more.

    Payroll team 

    The Payroll team in the Payment Services department is responsible for ensuring payment associated with base salary and incentive compensation and maintaining DPS Work Calendars


    Managers play a critical role in managing the compensation program by making pay recommendations, updating job descriptions and communicating with staff. Managers are responsible and accountable for understanding and maintaining equitable compensation practices within their areas of responsibility. Managers are expected to communicate pay increases, ensure correct and up-to-date employee data, follow compensation guidelines, initiate compensation transactions, and provide honest and timely feedback to staff on compensation issues. Managers should also stay in communication with budget and business managers to ensure that the financial resources are in place to support their compensation decisions.

    Senior Leadership Team

    The Senior Leadership Team is responsible, through the annual budget process, for reviewing and approving funds allocated to employee compensation. They also provide guidance for the DPS Compensation philosophy. Meet the DPS Leadership team.