COVID-19 Related Leave

Compensation While on Leave

  • Under the Health Family and Workplace Act (HFWA), all employees are entitled to up to 2 weeks of pay under the public health emergency leave.

    Leave accruals, such as vacation or personal time, will count toward your 2 weeks of pay.

    If you need to quarantine, you will be paid for the days off or scheduled days off using Sick Leave Bank first then other leave accruals may apply.

    *If an employee does not have enough accruals for the first 2 weeks of emergency leave, DPS will supplement the remaining hours of pay.

Who's Eligible?

  • All DPS employees are eligible for COVID-19 related leaves.

How to Request

  • You can request a Leave through TruePay. Use this How To Guide to submit your request. We recommend using a computer to submit your request as mobile devices have been found to be unsuccessful. 

    Please Note: You will select Emergency Leave on the TruePay site. This is the COVID related leave option.

    Questions? Call 720-423-3092 or email