• When will I know it's my turn to get the vaccine?

    All DPS team members are eligible to receive the vaccine. Click here to learn more about how Colorado is determining eligibility for the vaccine and learn more about DPS vaccine eligibility, timeline and what to expect on this page.

    As Interim Superintendent Dwight Jones shared, we are prioritizing:

    • Frontline essential educators, including:
      • Teachers
      • Paras
      • Guest teachers/substitutes assigned to a school
      • Afterschool staff
      • Bus drivers
      • Cafeteria staff
      • Custodians
      • School administrators 
    • School-based individuals over the age of 65
    • Those who are on health-related accommodations (either this semester or last semester)

    We have prioritized the order in which schools will receive the vaccine first based on each school’s free or reduced-price meals (FRL) percentage rate. See the list of our highest-percentage schools.

    Important Reminder: Please continue to check your DPS email (information will not be sent to .net email addresses).  You will receive an email from DPS when your contact information has been shared with a partner provider. You will receive information directly from one of these health care providers when there is a spot for you to receive the vaccine, if you shared with us through the survey that you definitely want one. 

  • Am I required to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Will I need to provide proof of vaccination?

    As a DPS Employee, you are not required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or provide proof of vaccination as a condition of employment. For the purpose of applying public health guidelines such as quarantine orders, a DPS employee may ask you if you are vaccinated or ask to see your  vaccination card. However, we will not keep records of who is vaccinated or copies of the vaccination card. DPS employees should not ask follow up questions of an employee about why they did or did not get vaccinated.  We do not want to solicit private medical information or information that may reveal that an employee has a disability. 

  • Do I have to go through Children’s Colorado (or another DPS partner) for a vaccine?

    As the vaccine becomes more available, please note you do not have to get the vaccine through Children's Colorado and may work with other healthcare providers. However, please be mindful that signing up for multiple vaccine waiting lists and making multiple appointments creates inefficiencies and slows down the process for everyone, and could result in the waste of the vaccine. If you have multiple appointments, please make sure to cancel in advance those that you will not attend.

    As an employee of a K-12 Education provider, all DPS Team Members are eligible in Colorado.  You can get on the waitlist with the following providers.

    We recommend you bring your DPS badge and/or a Pay Stub to your appointment if you schedule directly through these options:

    Kaiser Permanente 

    Schedule Now

    Sam’s Club
    Schedule Now

    King Soopers
    Make an Appointment

    Additional vaccination options
    CO VaccineFinder

    Call your personal healthcare provider.

    Note, you may receive very short notice prior to an appointment.

  • I received an email from a health provider but was unable to sign up for the initial appointment. Did I lose my place in line? Will I be given a second chance?

    Yes, you can easily reschedule. Log back into the health provider’s portal and schedule an appointment from their available dates. You will need to check the portal regularly for available appointments, as appointments may not be open the first time you check. DPS cannot assist with canceling or changing appointments.

    The initial invite comes from one of the following email addresses:

  • Do I need to pay for a vaccine?

    No. Vaccines are free to all eligible individuals. You will need to provide your personal health insurance information in order to sign up for an appointment. This will allow the provider to bill your health insurance for the cost of administering the vaccine. The vaccine is free to you. You will not be charged personally for the vaccine by either the provider or your health insurance.

  • Do I need to use sick or vacation time for my vaccination appointment? What if I feel sick and need to take time off after vaccination?

    All staff will receive their normal pay for their vaccination day, and they do not need to request time off in the system to attend the appointment.

    When entering your time in TruePay to account for receiving your vaccine:

    • Salaried/exempt staff will use the default 'Regular Elapsed' designation. 
    • Hourly or salaried/non-exempt staff will need to designate your vaccination time as 'Non Worked Approved' time. 

    If you need time off due to vaccine-related symptoms, you will use your leave accruals, such as sick, vacation, personal time or sick leave bank (if enrolled). If you are enrolled in sick leave bank, this time will be used first. 

    For coding time off related to vaccine symptoms in TruePay:

    • Select 'Leave of Absence' on your timesheet.
    • Create a leave of absence in the 'My Time Off' section within TruePay. Use these instructions to create a leave of absence.
    • Select 'Emergency Leave' as the reason.
    • HR will follow up with you to verify your leave.

    If you do not have enough accrued time, email leaveofabsence@dpsk12.org to determine compensation options for your sick time.

  • I didn’t complete the survey, how do I indicate interest in receiving the vaccine? Can I change my response?

    If you did not complete the survey, you have automatically been counted as “maybe, I’m not sure yet if I want the vaccine”. If you said “no” or “maybe” and would like to change your response, contact HR_Connect@dpsk12.org using this template. You will not receive a response, but your new answer will be recorded. DPS employees who answered “yes” will be first in line to receive access because filling every single appointment that DPS is allocated is absolutely imperative to ensure that vaccine supply keeps flowing to our vaccine provider partners. It is also the most efficient way to get to everyone in DPS who is eager to be vaccinated.

  • I responded “No. Please do not share my information” on the COVID vaccination survey, why am I receiving emails to schedule a vaccination appointment?

    In response to a high volume of feedback from DPS Team Members, DPS has provided our vaccination partners with the full list of DPS employees and affiliates (charter employees, student interns and volunteers) in an effort to streamline the vaccination scheduling process. If you do not wish to receive the vaccination, please disregard these emails. As a reminder, DPS is not requiring you to take the vaccine. We apologize for the additional communications. 

    What personal information was shared with the provider?

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of Birth
    • DPS Job Title
    • DPS email address
    • Cell Phone Number
    • Home Zip Code

  • Is there a way to remove myself from the vaccine list?

    If you no longer have interest in ever receiving a vaccine, please let HR Connect know and we will attempt to remove you from the list. Please know that given the scale of this effort and the number of individuals who want a vaccine as soon as possible, we may not be able to successfully remove you from emails related to vaccination. Please simply ignore these emails and take no action.

  • Am I able to give up my vaccine for someone else?

    You are not able to give up your place in line for a specific individual. If you are unable to make your appointment please ensure you cancel ahead of time to ensure vaccines aren't wasted.

  • Where are vaccinations taking place?

    Children’s Colorado’s main Aurora campus (13123 E. 16th Ave., Aurora) is serving as the primary vaccine site, although some vaccines may be offered through a supplemental partnership with Denver Health (660 Bannock St.).

  • Why did most other people at my school get an invite but I did not?

    Individuals who responded either "no" or "maybe" (or did not reply) to the survey did not receive emails to sign up for vaccination appointments on the school’s vaccination day. We are starting with individuals who said "yes definitely" to the vaccine survey because filling every single appointment we are allocated is absolutely imperative to ensure that supply keeps flowing. (It is also the most efficient way to get to everyone who is so eager to get vaccinated.) However, if you have not been included in your school’s vaccination date and definitely want a vaccine please work with your school leader. The school leader will work with your operational superintendent to get you access to a vaccine as soon as possible.

  • I haven't received an invitation yet. Will other dates/events be announced soon?

    Yes, but first check your dpsk12.org email accountInvitations will not go to your DPS Gmail (.net) account. You should be regularly checking your dpsk12.org email account for updates.

    You will receive an email from DPS when your contact information has been shared with a partner provider. You will receive information directly from one of these health care providers when there is a spot for you to receive the vaccine, if you shared with us through the survey that you definitely want one. Please do not contact Children’s Colorado or Denver Health directly to ask about making an appointment.

  • I got an email from DPS that I would receive the invitation, but the date is approaching and I have not heard anything from the provider. What should I do?

    Please make sure it has been more than five business days since receiving your notice from DPS. The provider will reach out to schedule your appointment within this timeframe. 

  • What do I do If I didn’t get an invitation to get a vaccine yet, but was told I’d receive one within 24 hours?

    Sometimes the online scheduling platforms through which providers send scheduling emails can take a long time to process all the unique email addresses (24 to 48 hours). Please check your junk folder and spam filter. If you still have not received the email after 48 hours, please contact HR Connect at HR_Connect@dpsk12.org and they will work with the provider to determine if there is a delay or other problems that need to be troubleshooted.

  • When will long-term subs/guest teachers become eligible?

    Long-term substitutes and guest teachers who are working full-time in schools are included in the initial vaccination efforts. If you are actively working in-person at a school right now, contact your school leader if you have questions about getting on the vaccine list. All guest teachers not working full-time in schools will have access to the vaccine once we are able to offer appointments to our school-based team members.

  • I have a medical condition that I did not make DPS aware of via the accommodations request process earlier this year. Will I still be considered for the vaccine?

    The deadline to submit most accommodation requests for spring 2021 has passed. However, all DPS team members are considered Group 1A or 1B and will be given an opportunity to receive the vaccine. Learn more about eligibility and timeline here and the accommodations request process here.

  • How do I prepare for my vaccination appointment?

  • How do I schedule my second vaccination appointment?

    The provider you saw for your first dose of the vaccine will schedule the second dose with you directly, only after you have successfully received the first vaccination. You must receive both of your vaccine doses from the same provider at the same location. This is imperative to ensure you are receiving two doses of the same vaccine and to ensure there are no shortages of vaccine doses across multiple provider locations.

  • Should I respond to invitations for other events if I have already received my first vaccine or scheduled my first appointment?

    Please respond and commit to one vaccination event, choose the date/location that makes the most sense for you. Once you have made your decision, you will be required to receive both doses of the vaccination from the same provider. See above section for information about “Second Vaccination.”

  • How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

    Please reach out directly to the provider. DPS is unable to make, change or cancel an appointment for you.

  • If I do cancel my appointment, how can I ensure I am still on the list?

    You should do everything possible to meet your commitment to the first appointment you have scheduled. If you do need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, and wish to be added to a later date, please work with the provider to see if there are future opportunities for an appointment. If you are unable to reschedule with the provider, please contact HR Connect and let them know that you were unable to attend your first appointment provided through DPS and need to be added back to the list of employees awaiting vaccines. We will provide you another opportunity as soon as possible. 

  • I missed the employee tele town hall. Is a recording available?

    Yes! If you were not able to tune into the employee telephone town hall on Feb. 8, access the recording here.

  • I forgot/don’t know my DPS password

    Visit iforgot.dpsk12.org to reset your password. (Click here for instructions.) If you are unable to reset your password following those instructions, please call DoTS at 720-423-3888.

  • Who do I contact with questions?

    If you have questions about the vaccine itself, please click here or contact your health care provider.

    If you have questions about an email you received about making an appointment to receive the vaccine, please contact HR Connect at Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org or 720-423-3900. 

    If you believe you should be eligible now but have not yet received a notification, please reach out to your supervisor.