Vaccine Eligibility & Timeline for DPS Team Members

Getting my first dose has improved my mental health and optimism considerably. I feel so hopeful we will be able to stay safe
  • Eligibility

    • Eligibility and timing for access to vaccines is determined by Colorado state and health officials.

    • On Jan. 29, Gov. Jared Polis announced that frontline essential educators, including teachers, other school-based staff and child care workers, as well as those 65-69 years old, are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting Feb. 8

    • Please reference CDPHE’s phase chart for up-to-date and complete information on vaccine distribution.

    • We are partnering with Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado) to offer vaccinations to all of our roughly 18,000 DPS employees and charter school staff members. We are also working with Denver Health as a supplemental partnership to offer additional vaccines to staff.

  • Timeline

    • Many of our school nurses and other staff eligible in earlier phases have already received their vaccinations at Children’s Hospital or through other partner providers such as SCL Health and Denver Health. 

    • While educators are eligible to receive the vaccine starting Feb. 8, it does not mean all educators will be able to receive the vaccine during that first week it is available.

    • We will prioritize team members who are frontline essential educators -- those who are critical to the operations of the school and work with our students every day -- such as teachers, paras, substitutes assigned to school, afterschool staff, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, custodians and school administrators. We will also prioritize vaccinations for school-based individuals over the age of 65 and those who are on health-related accommodations (either this semester or last semester). 

    • With a focus on equity and highest need, we have established a priority order that is based on the percentage of a school’s enrollment that qualifies for free or reduced-price meals (FRL). The vaccination schedule will be ordered based on FRL enrollment, starting with the highest-percentage schools.

    • Children’s Hospital has high capacity to vaccinate thousands of individuals every week. Depending on the date when we are able to start vaccinating frontline educators and the supply, we believe this partnership will allow us to vaccinate the majority of DPS educators by the end of March 2021.

  • Appointments

    • Make sure to check your DPS email regularly. You will receive an email from DPS when your contact information has been shared with Children's Colorado or a supplemental vaccine partner. Please do not reach out Children’s or Denver Health directly, as they will not have information about your eligibility or scheduling.

    • In an effort to minimize disruptions to student learning and maximize the efficiency of the vaccination process, each school will likely be assigned a designated day when all staff in that building who want to receive a vaccine will be scheduled to receive it. 

    • Children’s Colorado’s main Aurora campus (13123 E. 16th Ave., Aurora) is serving as the primary vaccine site, although some vaccines may be offered through a supplemental partnership with Denver Health (660 Bannock St.).

    • All staff from the school will receive their normal pay for their vaccination day, and they do not need to request time off in the system to attend the appointment. If you feel sick and need to take time off work on the day after you receive the vaccine, please request the sick time in the system as you normally would. Schools’ assigned vaccination days will be made on a rolling basis as vaccine supply is confirmed by Children’s Colorado and Denver Health. 

    • We have communicated with school leaders that the days when schools are scheduled to have their staff vaccinated will become asynchronous-learning days for students and a remote-work day for staff when they are not receiving their vaccine. Please connect with your school leader if you have questions. 

    • Before your appointment, visit and learn more about what to expect, as well important guidelines when getting vaccinated through Children's Colorado. 

  • More Vaccine Options

    As an employee of a K-12 Education provider, all DPS Team Members are eligible in Colorado.  You can get on the waitlist with the following providers.
    We recommend you bring your DPS badge and/or a Pay Stub to your appointment if you schedule directly through these options.\

    Kaiser Permanente

    Schedule Now

    Sam’s Club
    Schedule Now

    King Soopers
    Make an Appointment

    Additional vaccination options
    CO VaccineFinder

    Call your personal healthcare provider.

    Note, you may receive very short notice prior to an appointment.

  • Information for Team Members Aged 70 and Older

    Team members 70 years of age or older are in one of the first phases of eligibility, and have several options:

    Salud Family Health Partner 

    • Eligible employees should have received an email from DPS on Jan. 21 with information on scheduling a vaccine with Salud Family Health, one of the partners that will support us in getting our team members vaccinated as soon as possible.
    • Names, phone numbers and DPS email addresses for DPS employees 70 years of age or older have been shared with Salud Family Health so that they can reach out directly to eligible employees. 
    • If you are 70 or older and interested in receiving the vaccine, please schedule an appointment using this form
    • Team members may also receive a phone call or email from Maisha Fields, a nurse practitioner with Salud, to help set up an appointment. 


    • Employees 70 or older may go here to register their interest in receiving a vaccine, and await an email or text when a vaccine is available.
    • Appointments are being offered at North Suburban Medical Center, and appointments are required. 

    Contact Personal Healthcare Provider

    • Team members 70 years of age or older may check with their personal health care provider to schedule a vaccine. Additional information on contacting providers can be found here