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    The Schools Recruitment Team is responsible for attracting and cultivating candidates for all school based positions that report to a school leader and our Special Service Providers. Our team's focus is ensuring that our schools and departments have the resources to attract and cultivate top talent for their schools, and that our candidates are supported as they apply for and explore opportunities here in DPS.

  • What are the different type of programs and initiatives we support?

    Teach in DPS

    Pathways to Teaching

    Guest Teacher and Sub Para

    School Support Roles

  • How do I apply for in school positions at DPS?

    All job openings are posted on the DPS Careers Website and the Internal Job through your Employee Space. School Leaders and Central Office hiring managers are responsible for interviewing and selecting candidates for their open positions. They often receive a large number of applicants and you may not be contacted. Don’t lose hope, new positions are posted every day and we encourage you to apply to positions you are qualified for and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  

    To determine if you are qualified for a position, please review the education and experience requirements listed on the job posting.  We do carefully screen and review applications to ensure that candidates meet the minimum qualifications.  Please see the list below for some of our most commons positions qualifications:

  • Are there any opportunities where I can connect with school leaders?

    Our team sponsors numerous hiring events every year, click here for a full list of our hiring events.  If you are interested in registering to attend an event, contact careers@dpsk12.org

  • As a hiring manager, what resources are available for me to use to help support my school staffing?

    School Leaders should review the School Staffing Handbook each school year.  This handbook has access to everything you need to support staffing for your building.

  • Who do I contact if I want to learn more about a specific job opportunity or initiative? Or I’m a hiring manager and I need additional support?

    Our team is broken up by regions of the district and speciality areas. If you have questions regarding any of these areas, feel free to reach out to us. 


    Team Member



    Phone Number

    Area of Speciality 

    Angela Faison 

    Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist



    • FNE and NNE Region Recruiter
    • Educator of Color Recruitment Lead
    • Special Education 

    Katherine Goodsell 

    Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist 



    • Central Region Recruiter
    • School Psychologist and Social Workers
    • Alternative Licensure Pathways to Teaching Program Lead

    Leticia Levi

    Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist



    • IZone Region Recruiter 
    • Preservice Teacher Lead

    Shila Fabiano

    Talent Acquisition Specialist 



    • SE and NW Region Recruiter 
    • Athletics 

    Tramayne Starr

    Talent Acquisition Specialist 



    • FNE and NNE Region Recruiter 
    • Student-to-Para Lead
    • Parent-to-Para Lead

    Cherie Crosby 

    Talent Acquisition Specialist 



    • SW Region Recruiter 
    • Nursing and Gifted and Talented Lead
    • Social Media/Marketing Lead 

    Amanda Reardon 

    Talent Acquisition Coordinator 



    • ExternalJob Posting 
    • Application Assistance
    • VISA Work Authorization Support

    Laneze Cooper 

    Guest Teacher and Sub Para Program Lead



    • Guest Teacher requests and support for schools and subs

    Angelina Vigil-Salgado

    Guest Teacher and Sub Para Program Coordinator 


    • Guest Teacher requests and support for schools and subs
    • Interest in applying to be a Guest Teacher or Sub Para

    Lacey Nelson

    Senior Talent Acquisition Manager



    • Oversee School Recruitment Team 


  • Interim Director of Talent Acquisition 
    Lacey Nelson

    Site Manager
    David Mata

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