• Talent Team

    The purpose of the DPS Talent Team is to strategically attract, grow, amplify and engage high quality team members, with a specific focus on breaking historical patterns of inequity, to ensure every single one of our students thrives.

    We collaborate with schools and departments to:

    • Attract: Recruit, cultivate and hire high-quality team members that represent our students and families
    • Grow: Provide clear, inclusive and equitable expectations for the growth and development of all team members 
    • Amplify: Create systems and structures to ensure all team members thrive by design in their current or future roles
    • Engage: Model an inclusive culture where team members feel valued, want to stay, and continue their growth, development and impact

    The Talent Team work streams include efforts within a full cycle Talent strategy including: Talent Acquisition, Growth and Performance, and Performance Management.  Our team members come to us with a variety of experiences and diverse backgrounds. Some have extensive backgrounds in the DPS network starting off their careers as teachers, administrators, screeners and/or HR experts. Others come from outside of education with backgrounds in nonprofit management, military service, hospitality and a variety of other places. We leverage these diverse backgrounds to produce effective processes and to collaborate in ways that make our work impactful. 

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    Lacey Nelson

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