Labor and Employee Relations



    The Labor & Employee Relations Department comprises three distinct functions: HR Information & Technology, Labor Relations, and Employee Relations.


    The HR Information & Technology Team is a dynamic blend of HRIS/BI, Learning & Design, and HR Data & Compliance experts. This team is the cornerstone of our human resources services and solutions. By aligning with the strategic roadmap, they optimize technological systems and streamline business processes, thus enhancing the dependability of our HR services.


    The Labor Relations Team navigates negotiations for eleven distinct collective bargaining agreements, covering a diverse spectrum of employees. From essential food service personnel to principals, these agreements collectively span our entire workforce. Furthermore, the team plays a pivotal role by serving as hearing officers for grievances and post-termination appeal hearings. This ensures an equitable and transparent resolution process that underscores our commitment to fairness.


    The Employee Relations Investigations Team is instrumental in safeguarding compliance with federal, state, and local laws concerning non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and district policies. Through their meticulous investigative efforts, this team fosters an environment of openness, diversity, and inclusivity. The team’s unwavering commitment to conducting prompt and unbiased inquiries reflects our resolute dedication to nurturing a safe learning and working environment. 

  • Labor and Employee Relations

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    Miguel Perretta

    Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations