Structures of Support

  • Teacher Leaders

    The roles listed below play a primary role in supporting teachers in the LEAP Growth and Performance system. This does not represent an exahustive list of all supports available across the district.  

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    Teacher Leadership & Collaboration

    Teacher Leadership & Collaboration (TLC) is a nationally recognized model that allows teachers to stay in the classroom while spending half their time supporting a team of teachers through coaching, collaborative planning, providing feedback and evaluation. For those who are in Senior Team Lead roles, they also oversee the end-to-end LEAP growth and performance evaluation for each teacher on his/her team, including mid- and end-of-year evaluations using the Framework for Effective Teaching and the Professionalism rubric.

    The TLC model will be used in a total of 137 schools for the 2017-18 school year.

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    Peer Observation

    Peer Observation provides teachers with the opportunity to engage in reflective conversations and discuss honest, open feedback with master teachers. Peer Observers are recognized for their experience and expertise in content, classroom instruction, student achievement and best practices. They will be matched as closely as possible to the content or grade level of the teacher they are observing and/or coaching so they can provide feedback and support that is specific and relevant.

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    New Teacher Support Partners (NTSP)

    Novice teachers (typically teachers in their first year of teaching) will receive targeted, individualized instructional support on a regular basis via a Team Lead -- for schools implementing the TLC model in 2017-18-- or a New Teacher Support Partner -- for schools not implementing the TLC model in 2017-18. Team Leads may also opt in for coaching support from New Teacher Support Partners.

    For more information, please contact the New Teacher Support Partner Team.