Support for Teachers

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    As all teachers know, strong teaching practice is essential to achieving the goals. Effective teaching happens when teachers learn together, take risks together, and strive to live and work with growth mindsets. The learning cycle, as outlined in the LEAP handbook and aligned to the LEAP timeline, ensures teachers have opportunities to continue to grow their teaching practice in ways that are timely, personalized and related to their personal goals as well as to school and district goals. Differentiated coaching support is available to teachers from a variety of sources (ie. school leaders, peers, team leads, teacher leaders and support partners) and is aligned to a teacher’s individual needs.

    Framework for Effective Teaching

    Below are some helpful resources that can be used to support your growth throughout the year.


    Student Perception Survey

    The Student Perception Survey (SPS) provides teachers and school leaders with a unique perspective on teachers’ educational practice as experienced by students. Teachers and school leaders can use SPS data to better understand students’ experiences, and then reflect on strengths and growth areas aligned to the SPS constructs, LEAP framework, and professionalism framework to improve practice and help every child succeed.  The SPS is typically administered from mid-October to early November.

          SPS Administration Guides

          SPS Screenshots

         General Resources

    Resources for Sharing Results with Students

    • Student Perception Survey Overview: This document can be shared with your students prior to the SPS administration window. The document provides a brief overview of the SPS, including what type of information is included in the SPS and what students can expect when they take the survey.
    • SPS Infographic: This infographic includes information for teachers regarding how to effectively use SPS results.
    • Reflecting on SPS Results with your Students: This resource outlines an activity you can use to share and reflect on SPS results with your students. Includes all the information needed to conduct the activity.
    • Student Perception Survey Results PowerPoint Template for Teachers to Share SPS Results with Students: This powerpoint template can be downloaded and to share and reflect on your SPS results with your students. Simply download the powerpoint presentation, personalized with your SPS results, and then walk through it with your students!
    • Student Perception Survey Resources aligned to Student Perception Survey categories.

    Additional SPS information is available in the LEAP Handbook.