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  • The LEAP system incorporates the following technology platforms. 

    SchoolMint Grow

    SchoolMint Grow is the collaborative observation and coaching tool for educators, inclusive of; Teachers, Specialized Service Providers and School Leaders.  This tool includes enhanced communication and analytic features that make documentation and sharing simple, while helping educators work together to make progress toward their goals.  

    SchoolMint is available at here

    Once you have been fully hired and have a DPS login you will be able to get into SchoolMint.  Once in the tool there is a guided tour/training built into the system. You will see the icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

    SchoolMint (how-to) FAQ

    LEAP Application Tool

    The LEAP Application Tool (LAT) is where the multiple measures of LEAP data, current and past, come together. During the course of the year a school leader or teacher will use the LAT to enter:

    • Ongoing Professionalism notes
    • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Professionalism comments and ratings
    • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Reflections on Practice (Areas of strength and growth)
    • Viewing/Selecting Ratings (as applies)

    Additionally, leaders and teachers are able to review:

    • Completed observation data from Whetstone
    • Student Perception Survey results
    • Student Growth and SLO results at end-of-year
    • Previous years’ LEAP data
    • Printable reports

    LEAP Application Tool Leader User Guide

    LEAP Application Tool Teacher User Guide

    LEAP Application Tool

    Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Application

    The SLO application tool is used by teachers and leaders to enter, approve, update, and finalize Student Learning Objectives. At the end of the year, finalized SLO performance data displays under the Student Growth tab in the LEAP Application Tool.

    Please go to the ARE Student Learning Objectives (SLO) section in The Commons to access the latest user guides that cover the following key areas:

    • Creating a Long-Term Goal
    • Submitting a Long-Term Goal for approval
    • Completing End-of-Course Command Levels
    • Submitting End-of-Course Command Levels for approval
    • Addressing Evaluator-Requested Revisions

    SLO Application login


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