School Based Services

  • Multi-Generational Services
    School Based Services utilizes innovative strategies to support students, families and schools, leveraging a multi-generational approach and partnering with community organizations to provide whole child and wrap around supports and programming, including literacy, math and attendance as well as college and career readiness.

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    Support for the Whole Child

    Providing free wrap around services to community members 18 or older in order through classes and workshops to obtain critical life skills and increase their economic self-sufficiency through Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Centers. 

    Ready for College and Career

    Facilitating hands-on, college and career experiential learning opportunities for high school students to increase academic achievement and college and career opportunities through job shadows, industry-specific mentorships and internships while also empowering students through one-on-one case management to overcome barriers preventing them from achieving academic and/or career success.  

    Great Schools in Every Neighborhood

    Creating a conduit for elementary, middle and high school students and parents to work alongside school leaders and community members to deepen engagement in schools while learning valuable skills to advocate for their communities. 

    A Foundation for Success in School

    Facilitating literacy programs and supports in collaboration with local businesses, non-profits and other organizations for volunteers to support students’ literacy growth through 1-on-1 reading programs.


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