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    About us

    Family Constituency Services provides high quality services using culturally competent practices. We provide services to families, schools, and community members who need assistance accessing school and district resources, addressing concerns, and building skills to be strong partners in their students’ education. We have Spanish-speaking staff and have access to multilingual interpretation services.


    Create strong, positive family-school relationships by encouraging healthy dialogue and fostering the development of a positive and equitable experience within our school community.

    What we do

    Our team provides high quality bilingual services to staff, family and community members who need assistance accessing school and District resources, addressing pressing concerns, and building skills to be strong advocates and partners in their students’ education.

    How we do what we do

    We work with families and staff to resolve concerns, educate families and school staff on DPS policies and initiatives, connect families with district resources, and facilitate skill building opportunities for families and staff.

    Our approach

    All of our interactions with families, staff, and communities are documented and tracked by school, network, and type of call. This allows us to implement proactive measures to address the most common concerns and gives us the data to make appropriate recommendations to departments and school leaders. 

Three Tiers Approach

  • Trainings are available

    We are also able to tailor parent trainings, professional development, and workshops to the visible needs of specific school locations. The Family Constituency Services team is always available to provide school leaders with one-on-one coaching on conflict management and communication as needed.

    FCS Trainings include Managing Conflict, Effective Communication and High Quality Service and De-escalation


    Skill Building

    One-on-one  coaching on  conflict  management and  communication


    Conflict Resolution

    • Conflict Mediation
    • Meeting Facilitation





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