• Who will communicate the results of my COVID-related accommodation request to me?

    Your supervisor will reach out to you directly regarding your request and to discuss possible accommodations with you. This differs from our traditional ADA process. Due to a high volume of these requests and the unique situations of each school or location, we have partnered with supervisors to work through the review and approval process for COVID-related accommodation requests only. HR Partners are providing resources to supervisors to help this process go as smoothly as possible. Traditional ADA requests will still follow our regular process flow with the Leave of Absence Team. 

    If approved, you will receive a formal letter from DPS outlining your accommodation and accommodation period. 

    We have received a significant volume of requests. As there are several unique variables in each request, it takes some time to work through each one. We are reviewing them as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Your supervisor will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • What if DPS can’t fulfill my accommodation request?

    We will make every effort to approve accommodations, but we cannot guarantee approval. The district will prioritize requests for vulnerable individuals and those with disabilities. All DPS employees are expected to work in-building unless your accommodation request is approved.  If your accommodation request is denied, you may still have the option for a Leave of Absence under HWFA. 

  • What are my options if I live with/am a caretaker for a high-risk individual?

    If you live with a “Vulnerable Individual” as defined by the Healthy Families and Workplaces Act (HFWA), you may be eligible for an accommodation or a Leave of Absence. 

  • What are my options if I have one high-risk conditions under the Governor's Executive Order or a Pre-Existing Condition?

    In order to work remotely, you must submit an accommodation request in Employee Space. Accommodations are made on an individual level. After submitting your request, your supervisor will reach out to you directly to determine what accommodation may be available for you. Some examples include, but are not limited to, working remotely full-time, flexible schedules, or Leave of Absences.

    Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and COVID-19 Guidelines, and/or under the governor’s current order regarding “Vulnerable Individuals,” employees may qualify for an accommodation. Information on what qualifies as a Vulnerable Individual can be found here

    *Accommodation periods are determined by the current executive order.

  • What if I don't test positive for COVID but have a fever or am feeling ill?

    Stay home if you are sick. You can return to work when (1) your symptoms subside and you are fever free (without medication) for 24 hours, AND (2) there is a known alternate medical diagnosis from a medical provider (3) AND your return complies with other CDPHE guidance. For more information refer to the complete COVID-19 Decision Tree.

  • What accommodations will be made for educators who are hard of hearing and rely on hearing aids/lip reading?

    In this instance, you will need to follow the Traditional ADA process and work with the ADA team. You can find information on ADAs and potential accommodations by visiting the ADA page

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  • About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    We are requiring that any employee who travels to a country that the CDC has determined to be a country with an Alert Level 2 or Warning Level 3 must notify their HR partner before returning to work. Information on Alert/Warning Levels can be found here

    All your questions can be answered on Employee COVID-19 Information page 

  • The CARES Act and You

    Cares Act What does the CARES Act do?

    Expanded use of HSAs

    The CARES Act allows high-deductible health plans paired with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to cover telehealth services before a patient has met the plan deductible. Normal cost-sharing can still be imposed for telehealth visits, such as through co-pays that the plan may be require after the deductible is paid. This change is temporary and will end December 31, 2020.

    The law also allows account holders use their HSAs, health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to buy over-the-counter medical products, such as drugs and surgical masks, without a prescription. Further, it allows HSAs, HRAs and FSAs to pay for certain menstrual care products, such as tampons and pads, as eligible medical expenses. These are permanent changes and apply to purchases beginning January 1, 2020.

    COVID-19 testing without cost-sharing

    The CARES Act extends coronavirus testing (covered without cost-sharing and outside the deductible by fully insured and self-insured plans), as required by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, to any services or items provided during a medical visit that results in coronavirus testing, including an in-person or telehealth visit to a doctor's office, an urgent care center or an emergency room. This coverage requirement remains in effect only while there is a declared public health emergency as defined under federal law.

  • WageWorks (Healthy Equity) Information

    Earlier this summer, members with HSA accounts at WageWorks received a letter informing them of a name change. Most questions regarding this letter should be answered by WageWorks (Healthy Equity). Please contact them directly at 844-373-5895 or by visiting https://healthequity.com/hsabank/members/. Here's what we know: 

    • What is the change?
      • In 2019, WageWorks merged with Health Equity. Earlier this year, they started the official name transition. While Healthy Equity is a different company, in practice this change is only a name change 
      • How does it affect me? 
        • Your HSA will no longer be with HSA Bank.  You will receive all information from Health Equity.  . The letter you received on July 2 is simply a notice that WageWorks is closing your HSA Bank account and opening a HE account for you.
        • What do I need to do? 
          • Nothing!
          • Will the WageWorks App still work?
            • Look for the Health Equity App to start submitting your receipts. Health Equity is working on integrating the Wageworks app. The WageWorks App will still work into 2021 but there will be a black out period. 
            • Can we pick a different HSA account manager? 
              • Not through DPS. Though you always have the option to work directly with any company to manage an HSA for you, you can only contribute directly via your paycheck by enrolling in a DPS medical plan and DPS HSA account.
              • Will I get a new card? 
                • Yes
                • After Labor Day
                • Last day to use your current card for HSA is the 8/26.  Your current card will continue to be used for flexible spending accounts.  A new card will be mailed to HSA members. 
                • Contact WageWorks/Health Equity for any questions or concerns at 844-373-5895.
                • When should I expect a new card?
                • Will my old card work until I receive my new one?
                • Who can I contact regarding my investment vehicle and any fees associated with it?  
              • Will I receive two 1099-SA forms from WageWorks and Health Equity? 

            • BIS Portal and the Google Transition

              We're geared up and ready for the Google transition in December! To help you prepare, we want to share information on the BIS reporting portal and how to pull your reports.

              Download BIS reports as an Excel file (not CSV) and upload directly into Google! Check out these resources: 

            • How do I read my paystub?

              Visit this page for instructions on reading your paystub.

            • How do I enroll in and access/use my benefits?

              Check out the Benefits Self Help Center for access to our comprehensive benefits packages.

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