Brand Guidelines

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    We are all one DPS -- and we want to ensure that our teammates and community members always make the important connection of the work happening across the district, using the DPS brand as that glue. To help our families and community members understand that all our work is connected, the DPS Districtwide Brand Standards should be followed in all communications. We also value the diversity of our teams and individual contributions, and therefore have DPS Internal Brand Standards to build awareness of departments within DPS, when used on internal communications.

    How do I start using these brand standards?

    Step one:
    Determine if you should use the DPS Districtwide Brand Standards or the Internal Brand Standards. Think about your primary audience of the specific communication, and use this flow chart as a guide.

    Step two:
    Learn the details about your brand standards.

    DPS Districtwide Brand Booklet  DPS Internal Brand Booklet
    Step three:
    Access DPS-approved logos, fliers, PowerPoint templates and more for your respective brand.

    Have questions about which brand is right for you? Wondering how to create a department specific brand? Email



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