Social Emotional and Mental Health Supports

  • Supporting Our Students and Employees

    The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened feelings of isolation, stress and loss among students, families, employees and communities. We know that supporting our students’ social-emotional and mental health is key for students to feel safe and ready to learn. We also recognize our educators’ well-being is key to meeting the needs of our students. Our Social Emotional and Mental Health priority is targeted toward meeting these needs by ensuring existing resources are accessible and being fully leveraged, while also identifying design opportunities to build on the district’s approach to social emotional and mental health supports for the future.

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  • Purpose of This Resource

    This resource is intended to be a one-stop shop for current social emotional and mental health resources for students and staff. It includes resources from across DPS divisions and departments, including Exceptional Student Services (ESS), Culturally-Responsive Education (CRE), Human Resources (HR), and the Culture Equity and Leader Team (CELT). While this document will assist school leaders and supervisors in identifying supports and services for students and employees, it does not take the place of a daily focus on building relationships, establishing a supportive culture and climate within buildings/teams, and regular check-ins with staff to understand their challenges and to target supports effectively.