About Enterprise Management

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    About Enterprise Management

    The Enterprise Management Department is composed of four internal teams:  Fixed Assets, Mail Services, Vending, and Warehouse and one external, Food and Nutrition Services.  Links to school menus and Area Supervisor school assignments are included for quick reference. 

    We have simplified our processes and updated responses to frequently asked questions; such as “how do I donate or dispose of surplus computer equipment” or “how do I make a request to transfer old furniture from our school” or “what kind of products are available in DPS snack vending machines?”

    Our entire Enterprise Management team works with DPS schools every day distributing mail, stocking vending machines, moving furniture, accounting for assets and feeding our students.  A key goal is to ensure that we meet our commitments in a timely and friendly manner; we want to satisfy our customers.

    Services we offer:

    • Manage the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, Fruit and Vegetable Program, After School Snack and Summer Meal Programs for DPS schools
    • Warehouse and distribute food, new technology, athletic equipment, and furniture within the district
    • Inter-office mail service includes delivery of mail to schools and DPS departments as well as delivery of teaching materials, musical instruments, Special Education items, testing materials and artwork
    • Ensure that all fixed assets for the school district are accounted for in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations
    • Oversee contract for most school, building and department vending machines throughout the school district