Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Assets

    Who We Are

    The Fixed Assets team is a department of Denver Public Schools Enterprise Management. This team inventories all Denver Public Schools assets, such as kitchen equipment, transportation, and all technology. Items are ordered and delivered to our team for barcoding and into a central district database, Oracle, and then sent to the ordering school or department. Larger items that are delivered directly to the schools are also barcoded onsite and entered into the central database. Oracle is also used to centrally track assets from acquisition through retirement.

    The Fixed Assets team monitors and maintains the database of inventory collected from new acquisitions, Equipment Activity Request (EAR) form updates, and the annual inventory of capitalized assets through the Asset Management System.

    What We Do

    • Management of the Fixed Assets database;
    • Maintain structural and referential database integrity;
    • Provide investigative fixed asset information for property loss, theft, or destruction;
    • Provide fixed asset information to the Enterprise Management Accounting Department to meet reporting requirements;
    • Process permanent fixed assets additions, transfers, and retirements;
    • Conduct centralized barcode labeling for all fixed assets;
    • Conduct perpetual capitalized asset inventory;
    • Collaborate with departments and schools concerning property control policies and procedures;
    • Conduct onsite barcode labeling when requested by a school or department; and
    • Track transfers and retirements of equipment from schools and departments upon submittal of EAR forms.



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    2320 W. 4th Avenue
    Denver, CO 80223

    Angelica Corona Martinez 
    Fixed Asset Specialist
    Eastern Region

    Rich Maes
    Fixed Asset Specialist
    Western Region