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    About the Climate Action Plan:

    The acceleration of the climate crisis from a vague threat to an everyday reality led 30 DPS students from eight schools to mobilize and urge DPS leadership to take significant and urgent climate action. The Board of Education responded in April 2022 by adopting Ends Statement 1.6, which reads: 

    DPS shall be a national leader in establishing an organizational culture anchored in sustainability, climate action, and environmental justice in both the conservation of natural resources and minimization of the carbon footprint of DPS’ practices.

    As a result of this policy, the Sustainability Team created DPS's first-ever Climate Action Plan, which is made up of five-year goals that work toward Ends Statement 1.6. It will take the entire DPS community to reach these goals, and we hope you'll join us on the journey and empower your scholars to combat student climate anxiety through bold action, innovation, and accountability.

    Goals and Frameworks:

    Throughout the Climate Action Planning process, the DPS community voiced their support for many priorities, innovative ideas, and actions that informed the resulting goals and strategies in this plan. Three key concepts, which echo the sustainability concept of triple-bottom line, emerged from their feedback and the goals advocated for by DPS Students for Climate Action:

    • environmental protection
    • economic prosperity
    • social development

    Within each concept the DPS team and stakeholders crafted a North Star goal, which represents what DPS aims to achieve by 2050. The North Star goals are broken into six frameworks, each with focus areas, five-year goals, and supporting strategies and actions.

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