Sustainability Management Plan

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    The Denver Public Schools Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)

    Funded by a grant from the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office, Denver Public Schools developed its first ever Sustainability Management Plan (SMP). With involvement from leadership, staff, teachers, students, parents and the community, the SMP lays out a roadmap for uniting its many ongoing sustainability initiatives and integrating energy, resource efficiency and other sustainability practices into District operations.


    The SMP development process includes compiling information on the District’s current energy and resource use and sustainability practices, setting a vision and goals for progress and developing specific strategies for action. The SMP provides guidance on how to track progress over time and report the District’s progress both internally and externally to the community. Representative topics the SMP addresses include:

    • Optimizing energy and water use in District buildings, schools and operations

    • Solid waste and recycling

    • Fuel consumption by the District’s buses and other vehicles

    • Integrating sustainability into purchasing decisions

    • Considering sustainability in operations such as cleaning and food services

    • The design and renovation of buildings and schools

    • Indoor air quality

    • Education and engagement of students and staff in sustainability 


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