About Us

  • North High School NACE

    Native American students in Denver Public Schools deserve culturally responsive approaches and practices to support academic success and overall well-being. Native American Culture and Education (NACE) supports around 1,000 Native American/Alaska Native students in Denver Public Schools, many of whom experience two worlds in their day-to-day lives as they navigate the Denver community but still have a strong cultural identity with their tribal Nations. Our team helps native students to succeed through services such as:

    • Collaborating with teachers, administrators, support staff, and families to develop and implement opportunities and interventions 
    • Facilitating the development and implementation of culturally responsive approaches in schools 
    • Coordinating and supplement educational, and social emotional services for students and families 
    • Engaging parents in their child’s educational program 
    • Implementing experiential learning activities 
    • Providing support to promote responsible decision making  

    Our goal is to partner with schools and families to eliminate the disparity in graduation and dropout rates for Native American and Alaska Native students and to prepare them for post-secondary education or careers. We ensure our students have access to an equitable education by providing support while respecting culture and traditions, helping Every Child Succeed.