Attendance 2024-25

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    Denver Public Schools recognizes the importance of daily, on time school attendance on academic performance, social-emotional well-being and access to extracurricular opportunities and postsecondary options.

    To support student attendance, DPS is implementing a comprehensive strategy to decrease chronic absenteeism and improve student attendance. Information and resources for school support and the district's comprehensive approach around attendance are included below.

School Attendance System Resources

  • In order for schools to positively impact student attendance as much as possible, it is considered best practice to have a multiitered, systemic, data-driven team approach around attendance. The following resources are recommended to support the school attendance system.

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Comprehensive District Attendance Strategy

  • The following information describes the district approach towards decreasing chronic absenteeism and increasing student attendance.

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  • Office of Schools
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    Dr. Canty Photo  

    Dr. Cori Canty
    Improvement Planning Manager 

    Office Hours every Friday

    • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm, Scott Romero (use the hyperlink to join a Google Meet during this time)
    • 2:30 - 4:00 pm, Dr. Cori Canty (use the hyperlink to sign up for a time; in the moment sign-ups are available)

    For more information or support, contact Dr. Cori Canty.