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    2022-23 Year-end Newsletter Schedule

    As a reminder, newsletters take a hiatus over summer break. If you are submitting content to newsletters during the month of May, please review each newsletter's end date and submission deadline.

    • Leader Weekly: The last edition will be sent Tuesday, June 6. The deadline to submit is noon, Thursday, June 1. Leader Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume the week of July Leadership Week (late July).
    • Teacher Weekly: The last edition will be sent Wednesday, May 31. The deadline to submit is noon, Thursday, May 25. Teacher Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 16.
    • Team DPS Weekly: The last edition will be sent Thursday, June 1. The deadline to submit is noon, Tuesday, May 30. Team DPS Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 24.
    • Our DPS Weekly: The last edition will be sent Friday, June 2. Our DPS Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 18.
    • Manager Monthly: Editions will continue to be sent throughout the summer every third Wednesday of the month.

    Questions? Email newsletters@dpsk12.org.

Our Newsletters

  • Communications publishes a variety of newsletters each week, designed to share important updates and keep team members informed and engaged with DPS. Each newsletter is tailored to a specific groups of team members -- from teachers to school leaders to all employees -- and the timing for distribution helps ensure that all audiences receive the information they need, when they need it. If you would like to submit information to be considered for inclusion in one of the newsletters, please see the below submission guidance and complete the appropriate submission form by clicking on the newsletter name in the left navigation.

Newsletter submission deadlines and distribution schedules

  • Ready to submit your content? Click on the images below to submit to an individual newsletter:

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    Have big news to share? If your school or team has an announcement or news that you would like to be featured as the main content in one of the newsletters, please email newsletters@dpsk12.org at least two weeks in advance.

    Have good news to share with everyone? Please fill out the Share Your Good News form to submit announcements and celebrations to be featured on our homepages and social media channels.

  • Before submitting, check out the below guidance to learn more about word limit, audience, clarity and more. Click on the "+" sign to expand each section.

  • Tips for writing your submission

    Your submission must be received by the above deadlines in order to be included in the following week's newsletters.

    Please note: Based on extensive feedback and in order to keep our newsletters easy to read and engaging, we might limit the number of submissions included in each newsletter, and we require a maximum word count of 125 words per submission. You will be contacted by a member of the communications team if your submission is held for a future edition or if we believe another communication channel might be more effective. Submissions will be edited for length, style, grammar and punctuation.

    Finally, consider these tips for writing your newsletter submission:

    • Headline: Write an action-oriented headline to draw readers in. For example: “Register Now for Communications Training on Feb. 2” vs. “Communications Training”
    • Clarity: Try not to use jargon or technical language in your submissions. These terms may be commonplace among your team but might not resonate with others. Spell out all acronyms.
    • Audience: Tailor your submission for the appropriate audience. For example, if you submit to Leader Weekly, be sure your message directly impacts and targets school leaders or instructional superintendents.
    • Length: Keep it short – the word limit for each entry is 125 words. Include only important, need-to-know information (i.e. who, what, when, where, why and how).

    We also recommend downloading the DPS Style Guide to help you craft effective submissions. The guide identifies how we consistently reflect the DPS voice and tone when writing communications for DPS, as well as shares DPS’ style guide and other writing tips. 

    Questions? Email newsletters@dpsk12.org.