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    The Academic Portal Team was established in 2007 when they first launched the Principal Portal. The team now supports four Portals and several key instructional systems for school leaders, teachers, parents and students. The goal of all portals is to be FIRST-STOP for users to access the data and resources they need, when they need it, to ensure Every Child Succeeds. To know more, watch here.  

    The Portals are getting a makeover!  Check out the timeline for the releases below.

    Log into the Parent and Student portals today at to see the changes!

    Click here to see a quick introductory video to the new & improved Parent Portal.

    Portal redesign timeline

    What we offer

    • Applications and Resources: guides, videos, links, and tutorials for the applications we support below.
    • Illuminate DnA: an application to create and administer formative assessments, view student assessment and historical data.
    • Infinite Campus: the system for Student Information System for attendance, gradebook, rosters, and more.
    • Parent and Student Portal: a tool for parents/guardians and students to monitor student progress and connect to academic resources
    • Principal Portal: a tool for principals to access all of the principal data, information, and master calendar.
    • Schoolnet: application to register for PD, access LEAP, and more.
    • Schoology: DPS adopted Learning Management System (LMS) for access to DPS supported curriculum, teacher professional development, and create a digitally engaging experience for classroom instruction.
    • Teacher Portal: teaching homepage with access to applications and resources.


  • Academic Portals
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