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    What is the Denver Plan 2020?

    The Denver Plan 2020 is Denver Public Schools' five-year strategic plan. With the vision of Every Child Succeeds, DPS has committed to five specific goals designed to close academic achievement gaps and prepare all students for success in college and career. Read the full text of the Denver Plan 2020


    DenverPlan2020_1 Goal #1: Great Schools in Every Neighborhood
    By 2020, 80% of DPS students will attend a high-performing school, measured by region using the district's school performance framework.

    DenverPlan2020_2 Goal #2: A Foundation for Success in School
    By 2020, 80% of DPS third-grade students will be at or above grade level in reading and writing, lectura and escritura.

    DenverPlan2020_3 Goal #3: Ready for College and Career
    By 2020, the four-year graduation rate for students who start with DPS in ninth grade will increase to 90%. We will also double the number of students who graduate college- and career-ready, as measured by the increasing rigor of the state standard.


    DenverPlan2020_4 Goal #4: Support for the Whole Child
    DPS is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment that fosters the growth of the Whole Child. In 2014-15, DPS staff, parents, students, community partners and city agencies came together to define support for the Whole Child and recommend a plan to measure this goal and track progress. Collaborating departments are working to provide resources to schools in support of the Whole Child.



    DenverPlan2020_5 Goal #5: Close the Opportunity Gap
    By 2020, the graduation rate for African American and Latino students will increase by 25 percentage points. Reading and writing proficiency for third-grade African American and Latino students will increase by 25 percentage points.