Superintendent Search Process

  • On Nov. 13, 2020, Superintendent Susana Cordova announced she was stepping down after two years as our district’s first Latina superintendent, and more than 30 years as an educator and leader in DPS. 

    This departure means that DPS is now engaged in the search for a new district leader who understands the past, present and future of DPS and who will drive the district forward in our pursuit of Equity as our core identity.

    The Denver Board of Education selected Dwight Jones as interim superintendent in December, and will be sharing more information about the timeline for the new superintendent search soon. Engagement with our staff, families, students, and community will be the top priority throughout this process.

    Read the Board of Education's Overview and Background Statement and stay tuned for updates at

DPS Superintendent Vision and Focus

  • What does it take to ensure that every child thrives in our city? How do we ensure that all the children of Denver have access to great schools in their neighborhood? Why are there such large gaps in academic outcomes for different groups of our children in Denver? When Superintendent Susana Cordova took on this role, these are questions she heard repeatedly as she engaged with our DPS community in the superintendent search process.

    Areas of Focus

    In order to fulfill the tremendous promise our children bring to our schools each day, DPS is committing to three key priorities to ensure every classroom across our city is a vibrant center of learning:

    • Equity: Our schools are places where every student is affirmed for who they are while being nurtured to excel.
    • Instructional Excellence: Our schools are places where every student receives high-quality instruction every day. This means we need to deliver the highest-quality supports to our teachers and leaders as they work day in and day out with our students.
    • Collaborative Teamwork: Our schools are the center of our communities, and we must work hand in hand with our educators, families and community members. We must build strong teams to help design solutions for our most persistent problems.