DPS Your Voice/Tu Voz Surveys

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    The DPS “Your Voice/Tu Voz” surveys are a chance for students, families and staff to share about their experiences in DPS. Responses to the survey inform decisions on how we can better serve our DPS community. Surveys are administered in September and May.

    DPS conducts surveys so we can better understand student, staff and family experiences at DPS, which drives our approaches to improve support for students, staff and families. Answers to this survey are used to inform decisions at the district level and school level. The greater the participation, the more accurate our data is. With more accurate data, we can better measure our progress as outlined in the Strategic Roadmap that holds us all accountable for our achievements and shortcomings.

    The next round of surveys for 2022-23 will be available May 1-14 for participating schools. On May 1, an email from Superintendent Dr. Marrero with links to the current surveys will be sent to staff and students’ DPS emails (except for schools that opted to have direct links created for their third-fifth grade students) -- families will receive the survey link to the primary email they have entered in Parent Portal.

    Access results from last fall's Your Voice/Tu Voz Team DPS survey.