ILT Implementation Resources


    The resources below have been built to support RIS/RAIS, Principals and ILT Members with maximizing the potential of their school-based leaders in service of student outcomes. This page will be updated over time to be the hub of resources.

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    LEAD Framework

     Defines expectations for excellence in school leadership.

    LEAD Development Guide

    Makes accessible to school leaders a suite of:

    • learning opportunities,
    • job-embedded experiences, and
    • resources that support the development of LEAD competencies.

    Scope and Sequence of Teacher Leader Development

    • Articulates the progression of skills in development of leadership competencies for teacher leaders.
    • Teachers who want to be teacher leaders and teacher leaders can use it to self-assess their skills.
    • Principals can use it to identify growth areas and next steps for aspiring teacher leaders and teacher leaders.

    ILT Visual (“Text Light”)

    This graphic depicts the work of the ILT in DPS and articulates how leadership teams support coaching and leadership in service of best first instruction.

    ILT Visual (“Text Heavy”)

    This detailed version of the ILT visual contains additional explantation of the components of the work of the ILT.

    ILT Visual Screencast and Resource Folder

    Together, this screencast and accompanying folder provides resources and considerations for ILTs as they strategically plan for the 2018-19 school year.

    ILT Self-Reflection

    With your team, take the ILT Self-Reflection to assess strengths and growth areas for your ILT. Results are available in Vocalize, one of DPS’s data platforms.

    ILT Self-Reflection 2.0 - (organized by ILT visual)

    This version of the ILT Self-Reflection tool contains the same language as the original version, but it organized to reflect the four levers represented by the ILT visual.

    Implementation Guide

    Action steps and resources to support TLC implementation:

    1. Building Collective Leadership Capacity
    2. Planning and Rollout
    3. Driving Instructional Improvement
    4. Reflecting and Making Adjustments

    Leader Look fors, Teacher Leader Professional Learning

    Documents to support application and implementation of learning from sessions for New-to-Role Teacher Leaders