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Welcome to IPD Teacher

  • Teacher Pathways

    Denver Public Schools is invested in cultivating a teacher workforce that is diverse and well-prepared to meet the needs of our students. Whether you have previous teaching experiences or are just beginning to consider becoming a classroom teacher, DPS has opportunities and partnerships to support you in embarking in a teaching career.

  • Teacher Preparation Opportunities

    No matter which route you take, you can choose from several programs at local institutions that will prepare you to become a teacher.

    What to Look For in a Teacher Preparation Program:

    A quality teacher preparation program will integrate recent research, theory, and best practices to meet the educational needs of school districts. It will also provide a curriculum that recognizes the:

    • Multicultural composition of the population served.
    • Centrality of standards-based education.
    • Role of schools in society.
    • Importance of existing knowledge about teaching and learning.
    • Role of technology in instruction.

  • Para-To-Teacher Programs

    We know that going back to school isn’t easy, especially while working full time. We are partnered with multiple teacher preparation programs so that getting a teacher license is more accessible to our paraprofessionals.

    Denver Public Schools is excited to offer tuition assistance in the amount of $2,200/semester during the academic school year to full-time DPS paraprofessionals who wish to pursue licensure. *Tuition assistance is contingent upon availability of funds.

    To understand more about financial assistance, review the DPS Paraprofessional to Teacher Tuition Assistance Terms & Agreements.

    To learn more about our partnerships, review the Paraprofessional to Teacher Pathway programs.

    Once you have more of an understanding of the program that best fits your needs, reach out to them and express interest to learn more about enrollment. If you are still unsure of what option will be best for you after reviewing the information, we are here to help you!

    Please contact teacherpathways@dpsk12.net for additional assistance and support.

  • Welcome New Educators

    Denver Public Schools is committed to supporting new educators - whether new to the district, new to an assignment or new to teaching - so each is positioned for success for their students.

    We know there are several steps in the hiring and onboarding processes that you need to complete. The hiring representative shared the Pre-Boarding Portal Checklist. Please direct questions to your rep, or email Newteachers@dpsk12.org for assistance. Also, the New Educator Landing Page is designed specifically to support questions new teachers might have about induction requirements. 

    As seen in your Welcome Letter, we want you to visit the New Educator Landing Page so you can get all necessary New Educator updates. Be sure to visit that page, bookmark it, subscribe to it, and follow links to register for professional trainings advertised.

  • Before You Start

    Complete the New Hire Checklist

    Review the Pre-Boarding Portal Checklist shared with you by your hiring representative, the person who called and emailed you after you accepted a verbal position offer. Please direct all questions related to the pre-boarding process to that person. There are several important steps outlined on this Checklist, so please thoroughly review it. 

    Guidance on Your New Educator Induction Certification Program

    Follow our New Educator Landing Page for your one-stop shop info page on all things induction. Trainings updates included on the webpage, as well! Questions? Reach out to: newteachers@dpsk12.net


  • Your First 30 Days

    HR Action Items 

    1. Complete the New Employee Orientation (NEO) webinar to learn more about DPS, including policies and benefits
    • New Employee Orientation Webinar: Please make sure to complete all of the New Employee Orientation online modules. Check your DPS email for information about how to access this required curriculum within the district Learning Management System. Total time to view all modules is approximately 2 hours.
    1. Complete the following items via Employee Action Center 
      • Sign up for DPS's online pay and benefits system.
      • Sign up for direct deposit. If you have questions about signing up for direct deposit, visit http://thecommons.dpsk12.org/employeeactioncenter, please contact Payment Services at 720-423-1399 or PaymentServices@dpsk12.org.
      • Complete your state and federal tax elections
    2. Optional plans and forms:
      • Sign up to receive your W-2 and 1095-C electronically
      • Plan for your retirement with PERA
      • Complete the optional Life Insurance Form
      • Sign up for the sick leave bank within your first 60 days
    3. Sign up for or waive health benefits
    4. Familiarize yourself with The Commons, DPS' Intranet.

    Professional Development Action Items

    1. Review the LEAP handbook
    2. Review your Multilingual Education (MLE) Training requirements for new-to-DPS teachers and register for any required courses.

    DPS New Teacher Induction Requirements

    If you have an initial license, you must complete New Teacher Induction to earn an Induction Certificate which is necessary to apply for your professional license. Review the 2023-2024 DPS Induction Requirements under “Overview of Year 1”.

    When you are hired, you are automatically enrolled in the New Teacher Induction Certification Program through Learning Space where you will register and receive credit for required sessions. When you complete all requirements, you will be prompted to access and print your Induction Certificate.

    Connect with your New Teacher Ambassador

    Your NTA is responsible for welcoming new teachers to schools and providing support and resources within your building. The NTA provides social emotional support and school-based logistical support. NTAs also work as communication hubs, sharing and reinforcing information from the school’s leadership team and New Teacher Team to new hires. NTAs can support new hires with locating resources and information on The Commons and other DPS systems.

  • Your First Year

    Requirements for New Teacher Induction

    If you have an initial license, you must complete New Teacher Induction to earn an Induction Certificate which is necessary to apply for your professional license. For more information visit the New Educator Landing Page (scroll towards bottom to view New Teacher Induction FAQs). When you apply to the Colorado Department of Education to convert your Initial License to a Professional License, attach the Induction Certificate to your application. 

    MLE Coursework

    Denver Public Schools is rich in diversity, with more than 34,000 Multilingual Learners representing more than 170 languages. To make sure we effectively support our Multilingual Learners, all DPS teachers are provided Multilingual Education (MLE) training. This training and other supports for teachers are conducted by our MLE department.

    To review and sign up for MLE courses, visit the MLE Teacher Qualification website.