Mandatory Reporting

  • Issue with training completion credit

    I am continuing to receive a high volume of emails about completion credit and reminder notifications for mandatory reporting training. As of 10/24/23, I can share the following information:
    • If you completed the training, but your course still shows as "in progress," this is likely happening because the course is timing out before credit is assigned through the Learning Space. Not completing the training in one session and closing out of the course too quickly may be among the causes. 
    • Because of this issue, training completion reminders have now been turned off.
    • If you completed the course, but didn't receive credit in the Learning Space, you can submit a ticket at and assign it to the HR Talent Development Team. 
    I am so sorry for any frustration caused by this issue. We appreciate your dedication to this topic, and we're working to address the issue to avoid this problem in the future. 

    Access the 2023-2024 training

    All employee inboxes received an email with training information on Wednesday, August 15, 2023. Access the training within the Learning Space by clicking here. You will be prompted to log in, which may include a push through Duo mobile. The training is also searchable in the Learning Space under "Mandatory Reporting Training 2023-24." 

    If you would like to schedule time to complete the training as a group and then ask questions and talk through scenarios, please contact to schedule. 

    FAQs can be found here. Please review this document before reaching out for support, as it contains useful information and very likely addresses your question. 

     The green button below links to a DPS form. Completion of this form does NOT constitute completion of a mandated report. Report to DPD and/or DHS, and use this form to document that you completed a mandated report. 

    NOTE: this form does NOT work unless you are on the DPS network (in building or logged in through VPN/remote access). If you cannot access the network, but would still like to create a contemporaneous record of your report, you can email your report details to If you don't have VPN/remote access and would like it, contact DoTS

    Mandatory Reporting Button   

    Other resources from DHS:

    What happens after you call DHS 

    Signs of child abuse and neglect 


  • Why are school officials or employees mandatory reporters?

    We are often the first adults to see signs of abuse and/or neglect, we are trained professionals who are uniquely qualified to protect children from abuse and/or neglect, reports are consistently more reliable than reports from the public, and we provide the best leads to children in need of protection and services.

  • What are the requirements of a mandatory reporter?

    You are required to immediately make a report to the local police department or the child abuse reporting hotline if you have reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect or you have observed a child being subjected to circumstances or conditions that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect.

  • How do I satisfy my reporting obligation?

    Immediately call the Denver Police Department (DPD) or the Child Abuse Hotline as soon as you have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect. Do not investigate further.

    • 911 or DPD Non-Emergency Number – (720) 913-2000
    • Hotline – 1-844-CO-4-KIDS
      • May be asked to follow up immediately with a written report or to contact DPD.

    These are the ONLY 2 ways to comply with the Mandatory Reporter Law!

  • Should I call DPD or DHS?

    Call the Denver Police Department if:

    • The suspected perpetrator is not a parent, guardian, legal custodian, or sibling living in the home.
      • Referred to as a “third party”
      • Includes when DPS employees are the alleged perpetrator
    • DPD Non-Emergency Number: 720-913-2000

    Call 911 if:

    • A child is in imminent risk.
    • Abuse occurred in your presence, has just occurred, or there is a reasonable basis to believe further abuse will occur if immediate action is not taken. 
    • Any time you call the police, follow up with a call to the Department of Safety: 720-423-33911.

    Call the Department of Human Services if:

    • You know or suspect intrafamilial abuse or neglect is taking place or has taken place in the past, but was not reported. The suspected perpetrator may be a parent, guardian, legal custodian, or sibling living in the home or may be a family member who lives in another location. 
    • Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1-844-264-5437. 

    Abuse and Neglect Hotline Image

  • What does NOT satisfy my reporting obligation?

    • Reporting suspicions of child abuse and/or neglect to your supervisor, the Department of Safety, a counselor, and/or anyone else DOES NOT relieve you of your responsibility to report.  
    • Calling Safe-2-Tell DOES NOT relieve you of your responsibility to report.  
    • No one can veto or tell you NOT to report.

  • What is “reasonable cause?”

    Reasonable cause is personal to the individual. Review the facts as you understand them and evaluate whether the standard has been met based on the factual information you have. 

    Did a student, parent, or someone else make an outcry or allegation of abuse? Did you observe unexplained bruises or other injuries? Have you witnessed concerning behavior?

    Ultimate responsibility for reporting “lies with the school official or employee who had the original concern.” If you have questions, reference Policy JLF and Regulation JLF-R.

  • What is “abuse” or “neglect?”

    Abuse or neglect look like the following:

    • Any case where a child exhibits evidence of bruising, bleeding, scarring, burns, fractures, concussion, soft tissue swelling.  
    • Any case where a parent, guardian, or custodian fails to take the same actions to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or supervision that a prudent parent would take.  
    • Any time a child may be subjected to unlawful sexual behavior by any person (child or adult).  
    • Any case of emotional abuse which is an identifiable and substantial impairment or risk of impairment of the child’s intellectual or psychological functioning.  
    • Abandonment of child, lack of proper parental care, or child is a runaway.  
    • Child is in an environment that is injurious to his or her welfare.

  • Mandatory Reporting is also for “at risk” adults

    School employees are required to report to DPD if they have reasonable belief that an at risk adult is being mistreated or is at imminent risk of mistreatment. Don’t forget about students in our eighteen to twenty-one year old transition program!

  • Why should I report my concerns?

    It is the law and it is your job, but even more importantly, reporting:

    • Protects the victim and other children in the home and prevents harm to other children to whom the person responsible for abuse and/or neglect may have access;
    • Helps provide services to families and children; and - promotes positive changes in families.

  • Am I liable if my concerns are unfounded?

    You cannot be held liable – in either a civil lawsuit or criminal case – or terminated from employment for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect “in good faith.”  It will be presumed that you are acting in good faith. Any counter-argument must be disproved in court by showing that your behavior was “willful, wanton, AND malicious.” This requires both an “evil motive” – intent to harm, AND no factual basis to believe that the individual engaged in activities which would require the reporter to report.

  • What are the consequences if I do not report my concerns?

    You could be charged with a class 3 misdemeanor, $750 fine and/or up to six months in jail AND be held liable for “damages proximately caused” by the failure to report.

  • What if I am not sure whether or not to report?

    Better to make a report now than wonder about it later. If you still have questions, you can call:

    • The Department of Safety: 720-423-33911
    • Your contact in Legal: 720-423-3393
    • SEO Student Safety Coordinator: 303-514-7063

    Each of these resources can help, but when in doubt, make a report!


  • Kristin Bailey

    Equity and Safety Counsel

    DPR Coordinator

    Title IX Coordinator



    Denver Police Department
    Emergency - 911
    Non-Emergency - 720-913-2000

    DPS Department of Safety

    Department of Human Services
    1-844-CO-4-Kids (1-844-264-5437)


  • Incident involving students call:

    SEO Safety Coordinator

    Alicia Franks Gibson


    Incident involving DPS employees only call:

    Your HR Partner

    Incident involving community member or both student and employees call:

    DPR and Title IX Coordinator