ILT Visual

  • Purpose: This diagram depicts the work of an Instructional Leadership Team and creates shared understanding across DPS about what effective ILTs do. It is meant to be universal, by depicting structures that all effective ILTs have in common. It is also meant to be flexible, because each ILT adapts these systems and structures to meet the needs of their school and ILT members. 

    Strong ILTs in Action: By selecting titles below that correspond to the sections of the visual, ILT members can access videos and tools that illustrate how ILTs in DPS are doing parts of this work effectively. By learning from each other, ILTs in DPS can continue to harness the power of distributive leadership to more rapidly improve instruction and outcomes for our kids.

Visual depicting structures that all effective ILTs have in common
  • ILT Meeting Processes

    Aligned to the dark blue rectangle of the ILT Visual   

  • Leader of Leaders

    Aligned to the green triangles of the ILT Visual

  • Teacher Leaders

    Aligned to the blue circles of the ILT Visual