LEAD Development Guide

  • Grow in your leadership role by planning learning for yourself or the leaders you support.

    The purpose of this guide is to make accessible to school leaders a suite of learning opportunities, job-embedded experiences, and resources that support the development of competencies outlined in the LEAD Framework. As a leader looking to build your own skills or as a leader of leaders looking to support the development of others, you may use this guide to determine possible learning opportunities that meet individual development needs. Learning opportunities are as diverse as we are as leaders. Through our current systems, i.e. coaching, evaluations, self-reflections, CollaboRATE, etc.,  strengths and growth areas are revealed. This guide will support learning and growing in a current role or stretching into a new role. While this guide includes a variety of opportunities and resources across roles and competencies, it is meant to highlight opportunities and support growth and performance conversations. It is not intended to be all encompassing.