Teacher Pathways and Development

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    Who We Are

    Teacher Pathways & Development (TPD) partners to ensure diverse preservice and early career teachers are prepared to design and deliver rigorous, culturally responsive content to each and every student. TPD builds the capacity of leaders and supports the development of systems and infrastructure across a variety of stakeholder groups, including: school-based teams, central office teams, and teacher preparation partners.

    • We focus on breaking historical patterns of inequity in all that we do.
    • We are the hub of preservice -- EdConnect students, para-to-teacher, student teacher, residents -- through early career teacher learning and development supports for DPS.
    • We provide differentiated learning, targeted support, collaborative partnerships and exceptional service to all of our stakeholders.
    • We empower preservice and early career teachers, and those who are responsible for developing them with the right support at the right time to meet their unique needs. 
    • We prioritize support in our schools that have the greatest needs, and work not only at the teacher-level, but we also focus our partnership on ILT members and other teacher leaders in order to build capacity, structure, and sustainability.
    • We collaborate with Teacher Preparation Partners to attract, recruit, and develop diverse, well-prepared teachers in alignment with DPS’ Instructional Improvement Priorities (IIPs) and highest needs staffing areas.