DPS Office of the Ombuds


    The Office of the Ombuds fosters partnerships, builds relationships, and provides free services to DPS employees. We want all employees to thrive and work together in conditions where everyone may contribute their talents and feel like they belong.


    The mission of the Office of Ombuds is to ensure that all members of the Denver Public Schools employee community receive fair and equitable treatment. We are a resource for employees seeking information and insight from a trusted navigator. Our office is confidential, independent, impartial, informal, and voluntary.

    The Office of the Ombuds will:

    • Listen to employees - also known as "visitors."
    • Generate options for navigating the specific situation.
    • Provide support with organizational disputes, conflicts, and barriers that stand in the way of the employees and the district reaching their full potential. 
    • Help visitors identify, examine, and reflect on their experiences relative to district policies and procedures.
    • Provide alternatives to traditional channels for dispute resolution through supplemental tools, and resources and by fostering collaboration.
    • Serve as a catalyst for constructive organizational change by identifying and reporting emerging trends and issues and providing upward feedback to district leadership.



    Office of the Ombuds
    1860 Lincoln St., Suite 604
    Denver, CO 80203
    Phone: 720-423-4776
    Email: ombuds@dpsk12.net

    Site Manager
    Office Hours
    Appointments are available during office hours (including before and after work hours).
    To make an appointment with the Ombuds, call or email our office or complete the optional
    Please call in advance to make sure we are available before visiting our office.