Access the New Employee Space

  • Access the new Employee Space via the Employee Action Center to complete Finance transactions.


    New Employee Space - HR & Finance Systems Go Live in January 2025!

    DPS is transitioning from Infor HR/Lawson to the New Employee Space, hosted by Oracle. The first part of this shift occurred in July 2022, with the implementation of the finance functionality in the New Employee Space. The next portion of this transition which includes Human Resources, Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Recruiting, & Budget will occur in January 2025. 

    Please note: At this time no impact will be felt, keep completing business processes in their respective systems. More information regarding the transition will occur when schools return from summer break. 

    • Financial Transactions - 
      • New! Employee Space (Oracle)
    • HR Transactions -  
      • "Old" Employee Space (Infor) 

    Questions? Managers, reach out to your HR Partner. Employees, reach out to HR Connect at or call 720-423-3900

  • Does your team have a Champion?

    As the time approaches for this new system to be available, we encourage you to ensure your school or team has a new Employee Space Champion.

    These partners are critical to the success of this transition -- currently 96 schools and 58 of central office teams have a champion. Check to see if your school has a champion here. If not, consider supporting your school or team by becoming a champion and completing this survey.

  • Finance Transition to the New Employee Space- Completed July 2022

    • DPS has transitioned from Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space to a new Employee Space, hosted by the cloud-based Oracle solution. The new Employee Space will house Finance and Human Resources transactions for employees and managers – all in one place! The transition will improve ease-of-use, system reliability, and operational efficiency. As a reminder, only financial transactions will be completed in the new Employee Space at this time -- HR, Payroll & recruiting functions will continue to be completed in Infor HR until the transition into the new Employee Space.

      Finance transitioned in July 2022, which changed the process for: 

      • Entering requisitions
      • Submitting reimbursement/per-diem
      • PCard reconciliation

      Human Resources, Payroll, Recruiting, & Budget tasks, and other functions will transition at a later date, including how employees: 

      • Review pay stubs/compensation
      • Update tax withholding
      • Submit personal contributions - formerly stipend request process
      • Enroll in benefits/waive benefits 
      • Elect beneficiaries and update beneficiary information
      • Report a life event
      • Update personal information
      • Submit resignations
      • Review and apply for jobs
      • Grievance & disciplinary processes

      During our transition, please keep in mind that changes to any system take time to adjust to, and we may all experience some delays to transactions during the first few weeks of this transition. This is normal and to be expected. Please be patient with yourselves and each other as we learn the exciting new system functionality.


  • Questions Related to HR,Payroll & Recuriting Transition into the New Employee Space?

    During cutover and go-live, visit the contacts page to find support for your technology, and process needs.