Coming Soon: Finance Modules Transition to the New Employee Space on July 5

  • As previously announced, DPS is transitioning from Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space to a new Employee Space, hosted by the cloud-based Oracle solution. The new Employee Space will house Finance and Human Resources transactions for employees and managers – all in one place! The transition will improve ease-of-use, system reliability and operational efficiency. 

    Finance will transition in July 2022, which changes the process for: 

    • Entering requisitions
    • Submitting reimbursement/per-diem
    • PCard reconciliation

    Human Resources tasks and other functions transition in October 2022, including how employees: 

    • Apply for positions and hire candidates 
    • View benefits, pay stubs and tax forms

Finance Go-live:

  • At this time, we are focusing on the Finance rollout and preparing Team DPS for this transition. This phase will impact districtwide processes; however, the shift will only impact day-to-day operations for those responsible for tasks that include entering requisitions, Pcard reconciliation, conducting supplier inquiries, delegating access, managing invoices, submitting reimbursement or per-diem and other associated functions. Groups highly impacted by this change have received additional communications and guidance from the AYS project team. 

    What to Expect: 

    1. Prepare for cutover. In order to ensure accurate data for go live, we are implementing cutoff dates for Financial transactions. June 24 is the last day for employees to transact in Finance Infor Lawson, Supplier Portal and SSCM. Transactions are anticipated to resume in the new Employee Space on July 5. Please see below for detailed information on key cutover dates and transactions.

    2. On July 5, the Finance section of the Employee Space will go-live. All system-related tasks will be conducted in Employee Space, unless otherwise noted by your manager. 

    3. Resources will be made available. Common questions regarding the Employee Space will be addressed in an FAQ prior to launch. Once live, the system will be equipped with a guided training feature that is integrated into the site itself - prompting users through the steps for common tasks. This interactive feature will be available for select actions; other - less utilized - functions will have print resources available to acclimate users. A pop-up ‘get help’ search function will also enable users to locate resources pertaining to their questions or needs quickly and easily. 

    4. Training for Office Support Personnel will also be provided. As many of the tasks impacted are managed by Office Support personnel, additional training will be provided for this group. 

    • During the Office Support Summit on August 4, a number of sessions  dedicated to the new Employee Space will be facilitated. Click here for details and registration info. 
    • An in-person training session designed for Office Support personnel will cover the following topics: entering requisitions, P-card reconciliation, managing invoices, submitting reimbursement/per-diem, and SAF reporting. The training session will be offered twice daily on the following dates: June 29-30, July 26-28 and Aug. 9-11.   Registration information is forthcoming. 

    5. Change takes time. Many of our processes and all of the screens we see will be changing after go-live. Please be patient as everyone learns the new system, as it may take a bit longer than usual to get work done while we adjust. Once people are comfortable in the new system, we're confident it will streamline our processes and save us time.

June Cutover Period

  • June 24 is the last day for employees to transact in Finance Infor Lawson, Supplier Portal, and SSCM. Transactions are scheduled to resume in the new Employee Space, July 5. Please refer to FY22 Year End Deadlines for key financial dates and details. 

    The table below outlines dates for key transactions. Please note that employees will continue to have access to Infor HR during this time.

It's Not Too Late To Get Involved

    We highly encourage all schools and central office departments to have at least one Employee Space Champion to support each team through the transition. This optional group meets monthly to support their team’s shift to the new Employee Space by gaining early exposure to the platform, providing feedback on training materials and resources, directing colleagues to available resources, and working toward solutions as part of a collaborative effort.  

    This transition will impact many tasks managed by Office Support personnel, such as posting for jobs, registering for training, purchasing items for schools or departments, preparing budgets, and more. We would like to invite all school and central-based Office Support personnel to join Employee Space Champions. Large schools and departments are encouraged to have multiple Champions. 

    Sign up to be a Champion by completing this survey. You can also check here to see if your school or department already has a Champion.

    Thank you for your participation in this important milestone for our organization!

What's Next?

  • Finance (Phase 2) will go live on July 5, 2022, as originally planned, and HR and Payroll (Phase 1) will go live on Oct. 1, 2022. The timeline for Advanced HR (Phase 3) is to be determined. This schedule allows the project team to best support all DPS employees with this transition. Questions? Managers, reach out to your HR Partner. Employees, reach out to HR Connect at or call 720-423-3900.

    Employee Space timeline

  • Employee Space Glossary

    Below are some helpful terms to know as you begin using the new Employee Space:


    Suggestions that automatically appear for a search field, even before you finish typing your search term. You can select any of the suggestions to run your search. 


    A page that gives quick access to key tasks and summary information for a business process or object. 


    The single strip of icons that you can use to open other pages. The strip appears between the global header and the page title. 

    Global header:

    The uppermost region in the user interface that remains the same no matter which page you're on. 


    A small interactive widget on the home page that provides key information and actions for a specific area, for example your personal profile. Each infolet can have multiple views. 


    The menu in the global header that you can use to open the work areas and dashboards that you have access to. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What will the new Employee Space look like? Will it be easy to navigate?

    • Project teams have reported that navigation within the new Employee Space is greatly improved! Not only will there be fewer systems to navigate in order to review your personal information and conduct HR or Finance related transactions, the user interface is more intuitive and searchable.

    Will "Duo" still be necessary for signing in?

    • Duo is a tool that provides secure access to our current HR and Finance systems, ensuring this very important data is secure. Because of this important security protection, Duo will continue to be used as part of the login process to the new Employee Space.

    Will I have the access I need to perform the tasks that I support?

    • The project team is working hard to look at individual system permissions and how those will translate into the new Employee Space. Roles and permissions will look a little different in the new Employee Space and the team will work to ensure you have the appropriate access to do your work. If at any time you aren't able to complete the tasks required for your role, there will be a system in place for you to request a change in your access.

    What kinds of training will be offered?

    • The project team is planning both in person and online training opportunities. Guides and additional resources will be available on The Commons.

    How will the new Employee Space connect to existing systems like True Pay and Schoology?

    • True Pay (and SmartFind Express for teachers and selected other roles) will continue to be our timekeeping and leave request system. Information from Employee Space will pass to True Pay and vice versa in order to process your payroll. The interaction between Schoology and the new Employee Space will be determined in Phase 3 of the implementation.


  • Questions Related to Finance Transactions?

    During cutover and go-live, please direct inquiries and requests for support as directed below:


    If you need support with logging into the system, request security access or question about your access or to report a system error, please reach out to the DoTS Service Desk at 720-423-3888 or submit a ticket


    If you need support with your paycheck, timesheet, W2 or other tax forms, please reach out to payroll at or 720-423-3900 (Option 2).


    School based staff are encouraged to reach out to their financial specialists for any issues, as well as: 

    • If you need support with PCard/expense reports, requisitions/purchase orders, or contracts (Independent Contractor Agreements), please email
    • If you need support with an invoice, vendor payments, vendor registration or employee reimbursements, please email
    • If you need support with your budget, general ledger or account number, please reachout to your financial partner.