Access the New Employee Space

  • Access the new Employee Space via the Employee Action Center to complete Finance transactions.

    Please note: HR functions such as viewing paychecks, updating your personal contact information, direct deposit, etc. will continue to be acccessed via Infor HR.

New Employee Space Resources

Finance Modules Transition to the New Employee Space on July 5

  • As previously announced, DPS is transitioning from Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space to a new Employee Space, hosted by the cloud-based Oracle solution. The new Employee Space will house Finance and Human Resources transactions for employees and managers – all in one place! The transition will improve ease-of-use, system reliability and operational efficiency. As a reminder, only financial transactions will be done through the new Employee Space at this time -- HR functions will continue to be completed in Infor HR until that phase of functions are available in the new Employee Space in the fall.

    Finance will transition in July 2022, which changes the process for: 

    • Entering requisitions
    • Submitting reimbursement/per-diem
    • PCard reconciliation

    Human Resources tasks and other functions transition in 2023, including how employees: 

    • Apply for positions and hire candidates 
    • View benefits, pay stubs and tax forms

    During our transition of the Finance phase, please keep in mind that changes to any system take time to adjust to, and we may all experience some delays to financial transactions during the first few weeks of this transition. This is normal and to be expected. Please be patient with yourselves and each other as we learn the exciting new system functionality.

  • At a Glance: Top 5 Things to Know about the Transition

    We know you likely have questions about what this might look like, so here are the Top 5 things to know:
    5. Everything you currently do in Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space, you’ll be able to do in the new system. This includes tasks like managing your personal information, posting or applying for jobs, registering for training, purchasing items for your school or department, preparing your budget, composing your goals, and more. Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space will be fully replaced with this new solution when this project is complete. (Tasks like requesting time off and logging hours are currently managed in a separate software, which will not change.)
    4. We’re utilizing updated technology. The new system is cloud-based and uses integrated technology to put everything in one place, which simplifies processes and increases system reliability.
    3. You’ll notice increased accessibility. The new solution will be easily accessible from multiple devices, allowing you to navigate within the system when and where you need to.
    2. You’ll start to see changes in 2022. Please note that this is a multi-year roll out. The first areas that will “go-live” will be finance and budgeting. All other areas will be gradually introduced over the course of the next few years.
    1. Support and resources will be available to all members of Team DPS to navigate the new system and get the information you need.


  • Questions Related to Finance Transactions?

    During cutover and go-live, visit the contacts page to find support for your technology, payroll and finance needs.