*New* Employee Space Resources

  • DPS will be transitioning from Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space to a new Employee Space -- hosted by the cloud-based Oracle solution -- over the next two years. The new Employee Space will now house HR and Finance transactions for employees and managers all in one place! Funding for this project was approved by Denver voters in November 2020, and the Board of Education approved the shift in December 2020 in order to modernize these important services and processes for Team DPS.
    This shift -- led by the At Your Service (AYS) Project Team within HR, Finance, and DoTS -- is focused on putting people at the center of HR and finance services while optimizing operational and technical functions. The first phase of go-live is currently planned to take place in winter 2021.
    This page will be udpated as more resources and trainings are available. In the meantime, get to know more about the new Employee Space in this video:
    employee space video image

At a Glance: Top 5 Things to Know about the Transition

  • We know you likely have questions about what this might look like, so here are the Top 5 things to know:
    5. Everything you currently do in Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space, you’ll be able to do in the new system. This includes tasks like managing your personal information, posting or applying for jobs, registering for training, purchasing items for your school or department, preparing your budget, composing your goals, and more. Infor/Lawson/GHR/Learning Space will be fully replaced with this new solution when this project is complete. (Tasks like requesting time off and logging hours are currently managed in a separate software, which will not change.)
    4. We’re utilizing updated technology. The new system is cloud-based and uses integrated technology to put everything in one place, which simplifies processes and increases system reliability.
    3. You’ll notice increased accessibility. The new solution will be easily accessible from multiple devices, allowing you to navigate within the system when and where you need to.
    2. You’ll start to see changes during the winter term of the 2021-22 school year. Please note that this is a multi-year roll out. The first areas that will “go-live” will be recruiting, HR, benefits and payroll. All other areas will be gradually introduced over the course of the next two years, with the project wrapping up in early 2023. 
    1. Training will be available to all members of Team DPS. There will be multiple opportunities for training and access to support resources. Stay tuned for more information next month about an opportunity to get involved as an early adopter on your team!

Project Timeline

  • timeline for new employee space

Get Involved

  • While we prepare to launch these new features, we’re looking for Employee Space Champions to support each team through the transition! As an Employee Space Champion, you’ll support your team’s shift to the new Employee Space by gaining early exposure to the platform, providing feedback on training materials and resources, directing colleagues to available resources, and working toward solutions as part of a collaborative effort. Share your interest to learn more!
    Learn more about your team's current Employee Space Champions.
  • Employee Space Glossary

    Below are some helpful terms to know as you begin using the new Employee Space:


    Suggestions that automatically appear for a search field, even before you finish typing your search term. You can select any of the suggestions to run your search. 


    A page that gives quick access to key tasks and summary information for a business process or object. 


    The single strip of icons that you can use to open other pages. The strip appears between the global header and the page title. 

    Global header:

    The uppermost region in the user interface that remains the same no matter which page you're on. 


    A small interactive widget on the home page that provides key information and actions for a specific area, for example your personal profile. Each infolet can have multiple views. 


    The menu in the global header that you can use to open the work areas and dashboards that you have access to. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What will the new Employee Space look like? Will it be easy to navigate?

    • Project teams have reported that navigation within the new Employee Space is greatly improved! Not only will there be fewer systems to navigate in order to review your personal information and conduct HR or Finance related transactions, the user interface is more intuitive and searchable.

    Will "Duo" still be necessary for signing in?

    • Duo is a tool that provides secure access to our current HR and Finance systems, ensuring this very important data is secure. Because of this important security protection, Duo will continue to be used as part of the login process to the new Employee Space.

    Will I have the access I need to perform the tasks that I support?

    • The project team is working hard to look at individual system permissions and how those will translate into the new Employee Space. Roles and permissions will look a little different in the new Employee Space and the team will work to ensure you have the appropriate access to do your work. If at any time you aren't able to complete the tasks required for your role, there will be a system in place for you to request a change in your access.

    What kinds of training will be offered?

    • The project team is planning both in person and online training opportunities. Guides and additional resources will be available on The Commons.

    How will the new Employee Space connect to existing systems like True Pay and Schoology?

    • True Pay (and SmartFind Express for teachers and selected other roles) will continue to be our timekeeping and leave request system. Information from Employee Space will pass to True Pay and vice versa in order to process your payroll. The interaction between Schoology and the new Employee Space will be determined in Phase 3 of the implementation.