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    Multilingual Education (MLE) offers 4 free University of Colorado Denver (UCD) graduate courses. Earn a Graduate Certificate in Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity while also fulfilling your advanced MLE (ELA) coursework! 

    MLE (ELA) UCD Course & Graduate Certificate Information

    ELA-E/S Advanced Coursework Alternatives (Offered spring, summer & fall semesters): 

    • ELA UCD 5030 - Language and Literacy Acquisition for Diverse Learners
    • ELA UCD 5770 - Effective Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners

    Non-Coursework Alternatives (1 course is offered every other semester): 

    • ELA UCD 5050 - Assessment & Advocacy for Diverse Learners
    • ELA UCD 5070 - Linguistic Analysis of English: Implications for Teaching

    Each course includes 4-5 face-to-face sessions held over the fall, spring or summer semesters at various locations. Participants must attend all face-to-face sessions in their entirety in order to receive full credit of completion for this Advanced Teacher Qualification Course. 

    Tuition for these graduate courses is paid by MLE for teachers who complete the courses with a 70% or higher. It is important that MLE demonstrates fiscal responsibility to our Multilingual Learners. For this reason, if participants do not pass the course with a 70% or higher, do not complete the course, or drop the course AFTER the drop deadline, they are responsible for paying the tuition rate of $860.00 per course (such amount shall be deducted from their payroll).

    Please note: Only Designated ELA-E, ELA-S and ELA-S/E teachers may take UCD 5030 and UCD 5770. Teachers must be Qualified ELA-T to attend any UCD course. If a teacher is Qualified ELA-E or ELA-S or ELA-E/S, they will be put on a wait-list. If funding and space is available, they could possibly be eligible to register for a UCD course.

    The MLE department recommends participants take one course in the fall and spring semesters and up to two courses in the summer semester. The district will pay the UCD tuition one time for each UCD training course that is part of a teacher’s training requirements.

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