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  • DPS is committed to Equity, which includes providing high-quality services and programs for English Learners. ELA recognizes that this is a challenging and unprecedented time for the DPS community. In the face of this unique circumstance and its demands, we want to support you and your hard work for our students as much as possible.

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Principal / ILT Resources


  • ELA-S/E Classroom Guidance

    Balancing ELA-S and ELA-E classrooms can be difficult. Watch this short screencast for updated guidance on creating ELA-S and ELA-E classrooms, how to ensure all PPF1 students receive Spanish instruction, and what to do when an ELA-S/E classroom cannot be avoided. This screencast is geared towards school leaders in TNLI program schools.

    Benchmark ELD Observation Guidance

    This short screencast covers the highlights of the Benchmark ELD training and what to expect when observing Benchmark ELD. This screencast is geared towards school and teacher leaders who observe ELD and includes resources for supporting teachers for ELD instruction.