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  • The Instructional Services Advisory (ISA Team) is a school-based group that makes decisions to support the needs of each of the school’s English Learners at key points throughout their life cycle in the ELA program; from identification as an English Learner, to evaluation to ensure that they are progressing toward proficiency in English, to the decision to exit a student from ELA services because she or he is able to participate meaningfully and equally in a mainstream classroom.

    ISA Team Guidance

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    Parent meeting guidance

    District-run ISA Team Incentive pay

    ISA Team members in district-run schools are eligible for ISA Team Incentive Pay if they have successfully completed the ISA Team Moodle course, attended the face-to-face ISA Training and are an active participant in all ISA Team functions. ISA Team Incentive Pay is paid at the end of February and June.

    Number of ELs at School

    Stipend per Semester









    Stipend is per school per semester. The amount is split among all teachers (administrators / leadership excluded) on the team. For example, if a school has 200 ELs and there are 3 teachers on the ISA Team, each ISA Team member would receive a stipend of $186.67 per semester ($560 divided by 3 members).

    English Language learners lists

    • ELL List Report - You must be nominated by your principal as an ISA Team member in order to view this report.