MLE Parent Advisory Committee (MLE-PAC)

  • What are MLE-PACs?

    MLE-PAC is the organization in charge of communication between parents and the school regarding Multi-Lingual Education programming. All MLE Program schools must have an MLE-PAC, according to a court-ordered consent decree. (Click here to check if your school is an ELA school.) 

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    MLE-PAC can be a subcommittee of another organization, and DPS recommends making MLE-PAC a subcommittee of your school’s Collaborative School Committee to maximize family involvement (see Action Plan for details). There is also a district-level committee for communication about MLE (called the MLE District Advisory Committee, or MLE-DAC).

    What are the responsibilities of MLE-PACs?

    The legally-mandated responsibilities of MLE-PACs are to:

    • Provide families information about MLE programming
    • Increase communication between families and schools
    • Review the implementation of MLE programming
    • Listen and respond to family concerns


  • Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
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    Trevon Brandhorst
    Senior Manager, Family Empowerment and Acadmeic Partnerships

    Community Engagment Specialist

Features of ELA-PAC