• The Office of General Counsel represents the district and the Board of Education on legal matters pertaining to the operations of the district.


    Michelle Berge, General Counsel

    Kristin Bailey, Equity Counsel-Discrimination Prevention & Response

    Brent Jordheim, Deputy General Counsel

    Jennifer Collins, Deputy General Counsel

    Molly Ferrer, Deputy General Counsel

    Charlie Fine, Associate Attorney

    Georgia Montoya, Deputy General Counsel

    Aaron Thompson, Deputy General Counsel

    Arash Jahanian, Deputy General Counsel

    Elise Logemann, Deputy General Counsel 


    Legal assistants

    Kathleen Porter 720-423-3917
    Leah Avila 720-423-3309
    Nancy Small 720-423-2352


    IMPORTANT NOTICE:  At this time, the Office of General Counsel does not have staff working in our physical office and we will not be able to receive U.S. mail or packages.  We ask that you send all information via email or other secure electronic delivery mechanisms.  We are checking messages on our landline numbers. The legal department staff are working remote and are available via telephone, email and videoconferencing.  Thank you.


  • Office of General Counsel
    1860 Lincoln St., Suite 1230
    Denver, CO 80203
    Fax: 720-423-3892

    Bio Photo of Michelle Berge

    Michelle Berge
    General Counsel