About Media Relations

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    The Media Relations team provides external districtwide communications support and guidance for DPS and for schools. The team oversees official communications between the school district and the news media. It also provides:

    • Media relations and crisis communications support
    • Responses to Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests
    • Direct sources of information from DPS to students, staff, families and community members through the district’s social media channels and website
    • Proactive media events and story ideas to media outlets (i.e., newspaper, television, radio)
    • Responses to media requests and help arranging appropriate interviews
    • Training and preparation for media interviews
    • Support for schools and departments to help them create a robust, personalized and interactive social media presence




  • Media Relations - Communications
    Emily Griffith Campus
    1860 Lincoln St., 8th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203

    Will Jones is the director of Media Relations.

    Will Jones
    Director of Media Relations

    Media and crisis communications 24/7 line:

    Selena Perez
    Site Manager


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