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    Before making a written translation request, Multilingual Communications suggests visiting the Multilingual Document Repository and searching for templates already translated.

    Please click the icon below to request a translation (written document) through the Multilingual Communications office.

    IMPORTANT: the Multilingual Communications office WILL NOT send IEP translations to parents over Summer Break. Each requester will be responsible for sending them to the parents once the translation has been delivered via email. Please plan accordingly before the school year is over.

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    Submission Guidelines

  • 1. Enter translation requests at least 10 business days in advance.

    • Delivery dates depend on word count, the languages requested and the team's current workload. On average, our team processes 66 requests per week. April, May, September and October are the busiest months. Please keep this in mind when planning your projects.

  • 2. Submit requests as editable documents (IEPs and 504s in PDF format are accepted).

    • We accept editable PDFs, Google Suite Documents (like Google Slides, Google Docs or Google Sheets) and Microsoft formats (like Word, PPT and Excel).
    • We do not accept scanned copies.
    • We do not have the in-house resources for elaborate formatting or desktop publishing work. 

  • 3. Any curriculum projects will be billed to the requesting party.

    Please note that the Multilingual Communications office funding is reserved for essential parent/student communications only. All curriculum projects will be billed to the requesting party.

  • 4. Copyrighted materials or third-party materials should not be submitted.

    • Copyrighted materials and third-party materials should not be submitted for translation unless accompanied by written permission from the publisher or author.

  • 5. Newsletters, school handbooks and special requests not containing essential information will be billed to the requesting party.

  • 6. Compress multi-document requests into a ZIP file.

    • When submitting several documents, please compress them into a single ZIP file. Most languages may take, on average, up to 35% more data space than English.

  • Delivery Timeline

    • Projects under 1,000 words: Two to four days
    • Projects over 1,000 words up to 5,000 words: Four to eight days
    • Projects greater than 5,000 words require approval from a project manager. Please email before submitting a request.
    • IEP requests usually take around three weeks to complete.

    Priority Projects

    A same-day, urgent communication (such as letters to parents after a school emergency) or a high-priority, time-sensitive communication requires a minimum of four hours for translation. Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic translations may be processed urgently by our in-house translators. Other languages may require more time to process.

    Charter Schools

    DPS charter schools are eligible to request language services on a fee-for-service basis. Costs vary depending on language, number of words and other factors. All charter requests require pre-approval and must be quoted by one of our coordinators.

    • Spanish translation: 1,000 words for $190
    • Other languages: 1,000 words for $200-310
    • A minimum fee of $60 applies for small projects
    • Special Education-related requests such as IEPS or Section 504 Plans are free in any language (except for Initial Evaluations and Reevaluations)



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