About Internal Communications

  • Internal Communications is built around the common goal of ensuring all team members are informed, engaged and feeling valued. We are excited to showcase and recognize all of the amazing things our students and team members do every day, and we aim to empower all educators with the information and resources they need to keep making a difference. We are always striving to build pride in and excitement about the important work happening in DPS, so that every member of the team knows they are supported and feels excited to do their part to reach our vision, Every Child Succeeds.

    What we do

    • DPS newsletters: Leader Weekly, Teacher Weekly, Team DPS Weekly, Manager Monthly, Equity in Action and Our DPS Weekly. Learn more.
    • The Commons intranet: Manage strategy and build-out, department support, site upkeep, trainings, promotion, daily updates.
    • DPS Honors! recognition program: Shared Core Values pins and tools, anniversary pins, Living Our DPS nominations. Learn more.
    • Events: Night of Honor, Teacher Appreciation, Great Schools Expos, Kudos for Customer Service, Excellence in Teaching.
    • Team DPS engagement: Our DPS Day, back to school celebrations, faculty meetings, DPS store.
    • Communication supports: Open Enrollment, employer of choice, CollaboRATE, plus much more.
    • Consultations and training on events, engagement, newsletters, intranet and all other internal communications needs!

    We are always happy to share ideas and resources with schools, teams and individuals – so please reach out and let us know how we can best support you!



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