Migrant Education Program at DPS (MEP)

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    Denver Public Schools students with an agricultural work background may qualify for the Migrant Education Program in our district.

    Our mission

    Identify, recruit, and support migrant families by providing services effectively allowing them to achieve their educational goals.

    What is Migrant Education?

    The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a national program designed to meet the unique needs of children of migratory agricultural workers. MEP was established in 1966 by an amendment to Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. It provides both supplemental educational and support services.

  • Who is eligible?

    Migrant students are children, from birth through age 21, of parents or guardians who have moved across state or school district lines, anytime during the past three years to seek or with the intent to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture, fishing or related industries. Children can qualify even if their parents did not find the job they were looking for or if they have changed jobs since.

    Agriculturally related work includes the following activities:

    • Dairy or dairy products
    • Dried and dehydrated food, spices
    • Field work
    • Greenhouses, nurseries and orchards
    • Meat packing plants
    • Poultry and eggs
    • Preserved and canned food
    • Sod farms
    • Sugar and honey

  • For how long do they qualify?

    Students qualify for three years from the last qualifying move. Every time the family moves across school district boundaries in order to look for a job in agriculture, the children re-qualify.

  • What services and benefits are provided?

    Services may vary from one student to another depending on their unique needs. Our goal is to empower migrant families to improve their quality of life, and to provide direct support and advocacy to students to remove educational barriers that may affect them in achieving their academic goals.

  • How to get qualified

    NOTE: Initial services and identification of students/families are provided by a collaboration with the Metro Migrant Education Program (MMEP) housed in Aurora Public Schools.
    1.Parents, guardians or educators can call MMEP at 303-365-5817 to talk to our recruiter to start the identification process. All information provided is confidential.
    2.Once qualified, the recruiter will explain services and supports that can be provided to the students and family.
    3.For additional direct services, DPS currently has two MEP liaisons working directly with families and students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

    For more information please visit our DPS Migrant Education Program website