DPS CARES-Employee Volunteer Program

  • DPS Volunteer reading with student near windows


    Denver Public Schools recognizes the importance of creating opportunities for non-school-based educators to connect to our students and all the great things that happen in our schools every day.  This connection is important as we continue to strengthen the district and inspire each educator to live the DPS Shared Core Values of Students First, Collaboration, and Fun.

    DPS Connecting as Resources in Educating Our Students (CARES) helps us generate excitement for making a difference in the life of a student, increase employee engagement, and connect our non-school-based educators directly to our students.

    Educators choose the volunteer opportunity that best fits their interests.  Educators may choose to participate individually or as a team.

    When can I start DPS CARES?

    Enrollment in the program is open year-round.  The majority of volunteers will select their choices in August and begin working with DPS students in September. 

    Where is this taking place?

    We have identified partner organizations and in-school opportunities.  Volunteer opportunities can be found in the volunteer opportunities directory.    In addition, volunteers may enroll to only volunteer for special events aka Do In A Day volunteering.      

    What are the volunteer roles?

    • Tutors
    • Mentors
    • Classroom Assistants
    • Breakfast Buddies
    • Playground Assistants
    • Chess Club Helpers
    • Running buddy
    • Special Event Volunteers for Do In A Day Events

    Will I be reimbursed for mileage expenses? 

    You will not be reimbursed mileage expenses for travel to or from the site at   which you are volunteering.

    Do I need approval from my supervisor?

    Volunteering through DPS CARES is solely at the discretion of both you and your  supervisor. Supervisor approval must be obtained before you submit your   volunteer form and select volunteer opportunities.

    What about my other work priorities? 

    Volunteer time must  not conflict with work-related responsibilities or other operations of the department; cause you (if you are a non-exempt employee) to exceed 40 hours per week when combined with your regular work hours,  or create a need for overtime pay; or cause conflict with other employee work schedules.

    DPS reserves the right to amend the eligibility requirements or terminate DPS CARES at any time without prior notice.

    DPS also reserves the right to revoke any employee’s approval for any reason, including if an employee is misusing the opportunities or creating operational difficulties.