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    True Pay Guides and Resources

    The True Pay system for the Parent Teacher Homcompensated e Visit program went live on September 1st, 2019. Please use the following resources and guides to support your teams in transitioning to new required actions for staff to be for home visits. Please direct questions to homevisit@dpsk12.org.

    PTHV Payroll and True Pay Guidebook

    The purpose of this resource is to educate our home visit champions of program updates new due to True Pay as well as policies that will continue and remain. Our goal during this process was to ensure the PTHV payroll process was accessible, visible, and low-lift. These resources will be important to review for ALL participants, site coordinators, and school leaders participating in the PTHV program. 

    Additional Resources: The following resources are excerpted from the master "PTHV Payroll and True Pay Guidebook" for you to utilize based on your role. 

    Exempt (typically teachers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, administrators, etc.)

    Non-Exempt (typically family liaisons, paraprofessionals, office support, etc.)


    TruePay Request: Please send an email to homevisit@dpsk12.org if you are not able to see your PTHV True Pay once logging into the system and clicking on "Timesheet." This is only for staff who have been trained and who have already reviewed the corresponding materials above.

    PTHV Late Submission - Timesheet Amendment: Save the form to your Google Drive. Complete the form (pay attention to Exempt/Non-Exmept tabs). Once completed, send the form to homevisit@dpsk12.org. If form is sent within 3 days of an upcoming payroll deadline, it will be processed on the next pay period.


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